Expand Video Library to have more then just Movies and TV Show menus

Got a couple things going on here. First I’m simply trying to duplicate my Movies (library filter) on the home screen. Problem(?) I am unable to replicate/find the ‘moviesdb’ which the original Movies has in its menu/skin customization… this line below. I can’t get it into the Movies duplicate.

ActivateWindow(Videos,videodb://movies/ titles/,return)

Ultimately what I’m trying to do is create a third option from the Video library (Movies and TV Shows)… Cartoons. I’d also like to expand this idea and create more… library divisions on home screen.

Is this possible within osmc kodi? Or should I be looking for an add on? Suggestions even, thanks

I outlined a couple ways in this thread here…

and i’m pretty sure I outlined it in at least one other post slightly different not that long ago. If you got yourself a bit messed up with your menus when playing with this you might be best served by using the reset option in the skin customization menu.