Extras button in video information page

With the issues I’m having playing 3D ISO files I’m looking to rip my movies to MKV instead.
I have struggled to find a good solution for accessing the Extras/Special features on the disks and I don’t like the Extras add-on as it is not intuitive to use the context menu to open.

As a solution I have added a new button to the Video Information view using the code below. This is added below the other buttons to /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.osmc/xmlDialogVideoInfo.xml

			<!-- Extras Button -->
			<control type="button" id="23">

This works well and opens the Extras subfolder for a movie and returns to the movies library on clicking the remote back button.

I would like to add a Visible tag to hide the button if no Extras folder exists but can’t work out the Boolean command to check this, I’ve tried using os.path.exists but the ListItem.Path doesn’t get parsed in correctly.
Can anyone help, or suggest a better way of accessing extras?

@Chillbo might be able to advise.

There isn’t any way to check for a folder to exist via infolabels or boolean conditions skins can utilize that I know of, unfortunately. :thinking:

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