Faster remote

I am new to the Vero 4K.
I am using a Harmony Companion remote with my Vero 4K. Before i was using Kodi on a Intel NUC.
In the Harmony remote i use the Microsoft MCE remote and on windows it was fast.
When using the same on the Vero 4K (i have loaded the .conf file from the OSMC remote menu.) it is more slowly.

In Harmony i have to change the repeat rate from 1 to 2 and the ‘Inter-Key Delay’ from 0ms to 100ms, because OSMC/Kodi was missing a lot of the keypresses.
With the new setting in Harmony, the remote works without missing any keypresses.

But it is not very ‘fast’.
I was looking at the ‘/etc/lirc/rc6-mce-lircd.conf’ file to see if there was anything related to the delay, but i could not find it.

Is there anyway to get Vero to accept faster IR signals from my Harmony?

It’s eventlircd repeat filter that is probably doing this.

See [TESTING] Remote repeat filter changes - #5 by sam_nazarko and try Test #2

Test #2 did not work. It did repeatedly wrong/double clicks.
Tryed to increase the ‘Command Repeats’ in Harmony from 2 to 3, but no change.

Tryed Test #1 and it makes it a little faster.
I now have the ‘Inter-Key Delay’ to 0ms.

I did notice that the eventlircd got downgraded dpkg: warning: downgrading armv7-eventlircd-osmc from 1.3.0 to 1.2.0
Any problems in that.

Test 1 is best avoided for now :slight_smile:

The problem with test two is that for some remotes, you will get double presses, so you do sometimes need a repeat filter.

I’d be interested in your findings of Test Two with the bundled OSMC RF remote.


i updates to armv7-eventlircd-osmc (1.3.0) and rebooted.
When testing again, there is no differens.

Will test the bundled remote.

I cannot see any difference with the bundled rf remote.
with test #2 it works at the same speed as the default install.
There was no doubles with test #2.
On both tests i can click to fast and it misses a click. (4 very fast click)
My TV’s remote trough CEC can click much faster than the MCE or RF remotes.

That is quite strange. Users reported significant improvements with Test #2 with the supplied remote.

I wonder if we might be talking about different things?


You can use for controlling vero4 with harmony bluetooth its very fast

search from forum

If by companion remote you mean the Harmony Hub plus a companion remote, have a look here (Bluetooth is way more responsive than IR!):

The OSMC RF remote is NOT very responsive.
My Harmony Companion Hub simulation MCE remote is just as fast.

Actually, with the repeat filter off it should be very fast. You can test this yourself by plugging it in to a Windows pc or another Kodi system

Are we talking IR or Bluetooth here?

Harmony IR is way more laggy than the OSMC RF remote. And Bluetooth is just the same as the RF remote. Which is perfectly spot on IMHO.

I tried yesterday to disable the repeatfilter and the OSMC RF remote was not getting faster. (Bluetooth)
The Harmony Hub IR is fast when you change the ‘Repeat commands’ to 1 or 2 and the ‘Inter-Key Delay’ to 0ms. I am using the MCE remote in OSMC and Harmony.