Filemanager in console, like MidnightCommander

I’ve managed to install MC for myself, but I think it would be a good addon to be in the distrubution from start.

Why? I’ve never used it on any Linux distribution I’ve ever used so it’s not like it’s the kind of package that everyone uses. It’s available to install for those that want it but why start bloating the system unnecessarily?

You could equally say this for lots of packages “Hey, I like this package, can you install it by default”. Where would we draw the line?

I think Sam’s vision is to have the OS as slim as possible (without making things hard or awkward) but not to install much in the way of ‘optional’ packages, this is left up to the individual user.

i totally agree with jb2cool here minimal bloat should be the end goal i got applications i need to install when when i reinstall but i never pressure sam about including em.

I agree to that minimal is the best, but there are lots of non linux users that are semi-forced to shell to do file operations. With a filemanager it’s abit easier and there is a built in editor. But this was just a suggestion, no “forcing” Sam todo anything.

Kodi has a built in file manager.

Alternatively, sftp from a client such as Filezilla works from an LAN connected device by default.

I know there is alternatives, like filemanager in kodi, but that lacks editorial functions, filerights management and you cant access the whole filesystem from start just the /home/osmc folder.

Dont know if there is an remote editor in Filezilla, never used it. Using Winscp myself, and yes there is both filerights management and editor abillity Winscp.

I just think it’s a good alternative to learning 10 linux commands and a file editor in shell,

i think it is better to write down a how to install it for new users if you want so much to help them than have it preinstalled.

and by the way a new user with no knowledge of the power of console should stay away and connect via ftp/sftp/smb.
a user that wants to learn will find a way to install it and he will learn also in the process of installing it. what will he learn if it is preinstalled? how to use it? that is not the power of console.

kodi file manager can access all file system. just add / as a source.