Files not showing on SMB share, only folders


I am a newbie into linux / Rpi world so please have patient with me :stuck_out_tongue:

So I have a Raspeberry Pi 2 with OSMC installed and, when i try to acess my SMB-Shared windows folder, I get all the folders, but no files.

For example, in folder A there is file 1, 2 and 3 and folder 6 on my windows computer .
On SMB folder in OSMC (From my windows computer) I get Folder A and inside it Folder 6. But No files.

I can’t see any type on files. Images music video nothing. Only folders.

Thanks in advance to any help.:confused:

What types of files are in these folders? What OS are the shared file on? Are you sure its not a permissions issue?

Please read this post and submit the logs:

If you would have searched a bit in the threads you should have found the answers.
“Adding Videos” let you add all the videos in a folder (and it’s subfolders) so when you browse you will only see the folder not the files.
E.g. In my Network I only see folders but no files - #5 by fzinken

All kind of files, it can’t acess any file on my computer. .exe .mp4 .png, a lot of files.
They are shared on a windows 7 computer and being acessed on OSMC (Rpi 2)
I dont know how i check if it is a permission issue :confused:

Thank you @fzinken.
I only needed to select the file.
I am sorry for not looking on the foruns before :/neutral_face:

If you are searching just a file, use the file manager under settings.

You wouldnt be able to see .exe files as those are windows specific. You should be able to browse and see the mp4 files though. Check if any of these posts help:

Update: See fzinken posted the solution

Thank you @ActionA and @gmc