Finally updated from December release to May latest - problem with drives manually mounted by script


I’ll try and be brief, as my latest CT scans are very bad, my concentration is shot, but I do rely on my Vero 4k.

I finally updated from December release to May’s latest - problem is with drives manually mounted by script (these are veracrypted drives, mounted via ssh using the standard ‘veracrypt’ command and switches.

Mounting works fine; the drive’s content is visible via ssh at the expected mount point /mnt/vc/veracryptN (N being the drive number)

Previously at this point the drive would be visible under the main menu: Videos | Files, but no longer.
File manager also shows no drive, however it is possible to ‘add source’, negotiate to root, then mnt/vc/veracryptN. The drives files are visible and play fine. The drive is still not visible via osmc’s main menu. It’s far less intuitive and convenient.

I’ve no idea why this change in behaviour has occurred with Kodi 18. Any pointers gratefully received.
[EDIT] unencrypyted drives (also ntfs) mount normally and appear in the expected places

Drives usually only show in Kodi automatically if they’re automounted

I don’t think UDisks can auto mount encrypted drives?


That’s worrying, it’s been fine since last April

I’m not clear what UDisks are - these arent defined in a file that always runs at boot. I simply run a line of code once I’ve connected an encrypted disk

Can i rollback to kodi 17?

(Sorry to hear the bad news)

Thank you

Could you provide full logs (not debug)? Perhaps the situation will then be clearer.

It is possible to downgrade, but not completely trivial.

Let’s check a couple of things first.

Same drives as before?
Haven’t formatted them / changed anything?
Where are you running this command: in rc.local I’m guessing?


Sure. I’ll need to switch off debug, dismount the drive, reboot etc.
I’ll do i when i get my strength back.
Thank you

Hi sam,


No - command is typed at ssc

Ok, so you are doing it manually
Try restarting Kodi when you do it or just exiting it.

I’m a little confused - if i restart kodi I’ll have to use veracrypt’s dismount command to ensure data integrity.
When the system reboots, I’ll be back at square one.

Here’s a version of the command run via ssh (encryption key obfuscated)
The core command in the script which mounts the veracrypt partition, after osmc automounts the drive itself, is as follows

veracrypt --non-interactive --mount-options ro --mount --password="$thepassword" -k "" /dev/disk/by-id/usb-WD_Elements_XXXX_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-0:0-part1 /mnt/vc/veracrypt3

I think Sam wanted you to stop Kodi, do your mount and then start Kodi

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
veracrypt ....
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Ah, understood

No luck, as veracrypt’s dismount can no longer cleanly umount the drive.
Shutting down woth encrypted drives attached isn’t a good practice…

If it can’t dismount, then there may be a process holding the drive open.

Definitely, but what?

Worse than that, a reboot of the Vero failed to power up the attached drive - I’ve never seen this before. I had to manually disconnect/reconnect the usb

Looks like a rollback is required as 75% of my media is on large veracrypt drives

The update would have nothing to do with power to the drives. Are the drives directly connected to the Vero and self powered, or connected via a USB hub?

No luck there - the veracrypt mounted drive is only visible via the source I added via File Manager’s ‘add source’

Lesson for the day: never update an o/s when blitzed of prescription pharmaceuticals and 3 hours sleep…

Looked at updating veracrypt, but my meticulous notes from last year aren’t so meticulous. There may be more on my linux pc.
Veracrypt isn’t in the standard repo (not surprisingly)