Finally updated from December release to May latest - problem with drives manually mounted by script

Self powered, direct connected

On a related note, i noticed a standard usb3, unencrypted drive, no longer auto powers down after x minutes idle (all my drives have different wait times, and virtually none of them work with western digital or segates official tools to alter this)

Can i buy a vero4+ with kodi 17?

I’ve been trying to switch off debug logging (which was on before the update), but not able to find what I need.

I got as far as determining that:
File: advancedsettings.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <advancedsettings> <loglevel>1</loglevel> </advancedsettings>

System/Settings screen is in Expert mode
The only logging options are:
‘Enable event logging’ (on)
And ‘enable notification event logging’ (off)

I’ve often uploaded logs in the past, but I’m stumped.
The My OSMC - Settings - Logging, has no relevant options.

the drives definitely power off during a vero reboot, and don’t power back up.

I have acute insomnia, so may waffle about this for hours, sorry

Logging is set at: Settings > Logging

MyOSMC is where you do the upload.

I see no option to switch off debug logging, whichbwas on for months before the update :frowning:

Is it simply the first item under the heading ‘debug’ - ‘enable component specific logging’? (In which case it’s switched itself off anyway

It’s the one above that: “Enable Debug Logging”

I definitely don’t have that option. I’m on a lot of medication, but I’d notice that i hope!

Just noticed that ‘remove drive safely’ on a sandisk flash drive does nothing.

I think I’ve really screwed by updating (even though i skipped april so bugs could be ironed out) the system after 18 months of flawless service.

Nothing in guisettings.xml’s debug tags looks wrong.

Also noticed sudo fdisk -l, which always forced a sleeping drive to spin up, does nothing. Not even the steady blinking power/activity led is on

What skin are you using?

You can edit advancedsettings.xml and remove


from it. You need to stop kodi, edit the file and start kodi again.

Standard skin.
I’ll make the edit, ta

Okay, Enable Debug Logging is now on the menu, and disabled.
I’ll produce some logs…

This is after a full power cycle boot, with a different (same brand) usb veracrypted drive. Ive not yet run ssh commands to mount/decrypt it:

Logs available at

(Edits to disable debug logging are in this session)

This is immediately after; ive sshd onto the vero and run veracrypt’s mount from the command line
Bash can see all the files at /mnt/vc/veracrypt5

Kodi is oblivious to the drive, only the file manager can access its content by navigating to the above location.
Files play fine.

Stopping the file (x264) and backing step by step out of file manager back to kodi’s menu, the veracrypt clean dismount of an encrypted drive reports no errors this time (appears random, although previous files were h264)

Logs available at

I didn’t anticipate being at this three hours. I need to take meds and rest.
Thanks for your help so far eveyone

No need to buy anything.

Worst case you can reinstall a Kodi v17 image (2018.12-1) from
But let’s try solve things on v18 if you have the chance. I can appreciate that time is not on your side however. So if you just want something to work, a downgrade may be the solution…

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I looked at updating the veracrypt installation.

Seems veracrypt for the raspberry pi (the build i installed, after suitable enquiries, on the vero), is no longer supported or even listed on the project’s homepage.

I’ll have to build from the Unix source (which various fixes for errors during the process). Not really something I’m in the mood for.

It’s possible to unencrypt a vc drive (permanently), e.g from my linux pc, but these are 6 tb drives, and my home’s ring main trips out at random.