[FIXED] Stuck on rainbow screen, replacing kernel.img fixes


Suddenly my Raspberry Pi 2 with OSMC RC3 locked up not accepting any SSH connection or CEC key presses. I pulled the power and now only get the rainbow screen when powering up.

I attempted to replace the kernel.img with kernel.img from a fresh OSMC RC3 image but this brings me to a OSMC install screen telling me I have no file system. This indicates that indeed kernel.img is the problem.

I noticed that this kernel.img has a size of >20mb while the one originally on the SD card was only about 5 mb. Where can I find an appropriate kernel.img for Raspberry Pi 2 OSMC RC3? A search on github didn’t yield any .img files as far as I can tell :-).


Hooray! I figured it out!

Step 1: Download RC3 image from https://osmc.tv/download/images/
Step 2: Unpack .gz file
Step 3: Mount .img file
Step 4: Unpack filesystem.tar.xz
Step 5: Copy boot/kernel.img to SD card
Step 6: It works!


The kernel image you have downloaded from the image is not the correct one. It is 20M because it contains an initramfs to perform the OSMC installation.

I would suggest a reinstall. If your kernel has corrupted we do not know what else has. I would also check your power supply is up to scratch.

At the time of writing there is not an easy way to restore the kernel image


That will work, but you have installed an older kernel. You should now run this via SSH

sudo apt-get install --reinstall rbp2-kernel-image

If it is a Pi1 use rbp1 instead


I believe it is rbp2-kernel-osmc and not rbp2-kernel-image :-)?