Folder based Parental control Vero 4K+

In my previous box I had Pinsentry installed to prevent my children to accidently open certain folders.
I do not think it is in the standard add-ons
But I really liked it becaus it dis perfectly what I want.

The parental control option in Kodi doesn’t :open_mouth:

This is a new box so I am a bit extra carefull
Or is there a better way to protect certain folders with a pin without using different profiles to switch between?
Is there an alternative for pinsentry?

Hi there,

Unfortunately we’ve had to remove your thread from public viewing because it mentions a pirate addon, repository or website. We cannot provide any support for piracy. You should seek support from the developer of the addon or provider of the repo.

To get a better idea of our piracy policy, please see this link here FAQ - OSMC Forums You are welcome to edit your post and request for it to be re-listed at anytime. Do not simply duplicate the post .

Thank you for your understanding

Hi Is the Pinsentry a piracy addon? Or is that repo containing piracy? I will remove that link anyway becaus I found it is dead. as I wrote.
So please re-list it

How could I know this repo is related to piracy ?


Update I found a ZIP in github wicht contains pinsentry and I get the feeling that this could be added as addon
I looked at and there I saw the structure of an addon. And on first sight it looks like everything required is there:)
Is there an easy way to check this ? Do I Just copy this zip to my box ?
I can offcourse create a folder ‘addon’ and copy the zip there? or must I first unpack the archive?