Forum conduct

Firstly, telling someone that he is a copyright freak is not rude !
Secondly nobody has reported here where he got the ROMs .
Thirdly, accusing or attacking someone before he has committed a mistake is super rude !
So your apology may come at ease !
Also talking about games, mentioning their name or saying which ones work is not bound by copyright !
Ask which settings I use is not bound by copyright !
Asking where the mame emulator’s executable is is also not subject to copyright !
Maybe better program the mod’s in a way that they’re less rude to attack people before having done something wrong ! LOL !!!
Fortunately, there’s one who does not attack for nothing and tries to answer the question asked !
Thank you very much fzinken .
If there were some more mod’s like you, life would be wonderful !!!
I think you like to play the dictator, hey @Toast !
Saying that I am rude while I am only commentate an aggressive mod that’s not answering to the question that was asked !

In case you weren’t clearly advised, this forum has a policy regarding piracy

… So if “copyright freaks” aren’t your thing, we suggest you move on to seek your support elsewhere.

Secondly, the attitude you use when posting will make all the difference in how or if people decide to offer you support or ignore you. Moderators here are not necessarily developers of osmc, and neither are guaranteed to have an answer to your question.

Just keep your cool around here and you’ll get better support. Making aggressive, attacking posts will only result in temporary silencing and escalate to full on bans.


It’s not that we’re copyright freaks, it’s that all of us are far too pretty for prison (@Karnage aside).

The reason we have strict piracy rules, which include discussion regarding the sourcing of ROMs is because we want to keep OSMC shielded from being perceived as facilitating or enabling piracy. Otherwise, there might not be an OSMC one day.

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From on forum user @wilsnico1
First of all - the folks in this forum, specially the developer Team are awesome, very responsive, and know their stuff. Something most of the products on the market lack!

That being said - if you want to have discussions about topics in the gray zone, you should get into another forum in the Darknet - as your privacy would be protected there.

Issue with discussing grayzone stuff here would result in OSMC and the Vero devices being preceived as copyright piracy enabler devices as was the case for some cheap devices even Amazon had to remove from their stores. And I definitely do not want this to happen!

So , as said before. You want to freak out, go into the darknet, and talk to people who think like you.
Here, we can speak about technical challenges on how to get the devices/kodi/vero/raspberry PI’s up and running and fine-tuned.

So if I understand correctly .
When one asks here where the executable file of the internal Mame emulator is and gets this response from a mod :
The original ROMs are copy write protected so where they came from cannot be discussed here.
(Has nothing to do with the question and I think the internal Mame emulator is still not a rom !)
he’s not allowed to say to another mod who has answered, that his answer is better than the copyright freak who has just made an unnecessary comment ?
(The question was easy, maybe some typing errors due to another native language, but I understood it and I don’t speak English either.)
How to install the Mame executable or use internal Mame emulator in AML, what games are working for you and What are your settings to make it work .
I can understand that he doesn’t know the answer, but why does the mod have to make such a unnecessary comment ?
And why am I rude when he already seems to regards me as a pirate who is going to do illegal things, while asking how to make the emulator to work AML ?
I think you should review your priorities !
@ActionA’s answer is just as aggressive as @bmillham’s unnecessary comment ! (and I am the one who is rude !)
Is that the work of the mod’s as @Toast says ?
And no fear @ActionA, like many here I mainly get my information from somewhere else !
But I still occasionally come to see if I can not help someone or get information that is only about osmc !
I have long noticed that people get comments in a very rude way from some mod’s when talking about other things !

IMHO that was just a misunderstanding of your question “Whre did you get the executable from?”, not an attack. (In fact, I misunderstood your question as well, you should have asked “Where did you get the executable path from?”)

I just warned you about this exact language, yet you insist on using it again…

Enjoy your 2 week vacation…