Frame skips in "Avatar"


Watching Avatar in HDR, I’m getting frame skips. They coincide with the places where someone says something in the Na’vi language; I’d guess it’s something to do with the subtitles, as Na’vi is subtitled in a different font from English dialogue (and subtitles of people speaking English works fine).


EDIT: I could probably create a short sample video that reproduces the problem, if you like; if that would be useful, let me know where to upload it.


Is the CPU use high during this?


Not that I noticed.


Just checked again and no, CPU usage is within comfortable limits, and no higher when it’s skipping frames than when it isn’t.

I’m 95% sure it has something to do with the subtitles for Na’vi. It happens very reliably, and skips one or two frames each time.


Its this problem isnt it?


Ah! Sounds like it, yes.

No solution available to that issue, @sam_nazarko…?


Is it possible to produce a small sample that causes the problem? If so – I can take a closer look


I’ll do that tomorrow. Can you suggest somewhere to upload it to?


You can upload up to 500MB (I think), here:


Okay, @sam_nazarko - I uploaded a sample. (It’s about 30 seconds, ~330MB size).


Thanks, I’ll see what can be done to improve things here.

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