Fresh Install on Raspberry Pi, Edimax Problem

I have the B Model of the original model of the Raspberry Pi with a 16gb SD card and have successfully installed OSMC. When I get to the Network screen, I enter wireless as as the option and it finds my SSID and I enter my password, but the system will not authenticate. I am using a Edimax 7811 that runs just fine on another card that originally had raspbmc and has since been update to KODI.

I am trying to configure OSMC for a friend of mine and might switch to this version, if I can get beyond this hiccup.

Please use the search function by entering “edimax 7811” at the magnifying glass in the top right of this page. There are SEVERAL threads that reference the 7811 chipset. We don’t need another.

ActionA that is the first thing that I did before posting and did not find the answer to the issue that I’m having. It appears that my card is being recognized as it finds my SSID, but it won’t authenticate with my password.

Try here.

My issue was resolved by installing RC2 instead of RC3. I had to go into the manual installation to select my SSID and then enter my password. It then assigned an IP address. So, my question is why is this same network dongle not working on RC3? How long will RC2 be supported?

It’s no longer being supported.

No changes were made to wifi drivers between RC2 and RC3. Without proper debug logs we can only guess what your problem might be.

Do you still remain connected after updating to RC3 ?

I show an icon on my screen to update my configuration to the latest build. I have not done so yet. Please note this is a Model B version of the Pi and it is NOT a version 2 of the Pi. I have just ordered a new Raspberry Pi 2 B Model and hope this will not bee an issue with this build of the board.

I will report back with my setup after I have done the update on my current configuration and let you know whether the wireless connection still works.

I just did the update and my Edimax is working. I show ("Compiled: May 23 2015) as my Kodi distribution. Is this Release Candidate 3?

Check at the bottom of the screen in OSMC settings.