FTP change directory

hallo all,
installed ftp from the osmc app store, but when i enter my Rapsberry pi 2 (running OSMC) ip ( in ect, google chrome and login
i cannot see my external drive (/media/ndrev)

how to change this??

If you manage to connect, what does a ‘dir’ show after you cd to /media/ndrev?

It may just be mount permissions - how is it mounted? (automount, or via fstab)?


i havent mounted it, i just changed this max_usb_current=0
to this

after that it automatic mounted the external hdd

when i connect to the ip
it shows these folders:
TV Shows

and i would to change this directory out with /media/ndrev/

right now i think it shows

The obvious answer to that is

cd /media/ndrev

which will work if you have permission to get to that directory.
Usually help at the ftp prompt will show permitted ftp operations.


listen i just want when i go to to go to /media/ndrev/ instead of /home/osmc/

OK then, try
there’s a chance that will work, but I don’t have ftp server set up on my systems to be able to try it.
BTW my experiments say that whether you’ll be able to navigate to that place depends on the filesystem type - NTFS works, but ext3 may not

cannot do that
550 Failed to change directory

and yes, it is NTFS

Perhaps you are not connecting as osmc - that could explain it (but you may have to post debug logs if you cannot progress)

When you log in with ftp by default you will go to the osmc home directory at /home/osmc.

Simply change directory to /media/drivename by browsing up two directories and then into /media.

Some ftp clients will let you save the path so that they will go there automatically.

what i think you are saying it that i need to go to ???

but that dosent work, it gives me a 550 error, when logging in with
username: osmc
Password: osmc

Try using a proper ftp client like Filezilla etc instead of Google Chrome.

i have also tryed with explorer.exe in windows 8.1

filezilla not working either

Show a screenshot of the issue.

Never mind, just do this:

ln -s /media ~/Media

Now your location will be available.

ah now i get it, the gotta be with big M
so it is and not with /media

No, the problem is that /home/osmc is the only location shared in the default FTP config. The simple workaround I’ve offered here is to create a symbolic link to the /media directory by running the command over provided. I created the link with the name Media capitalized just so it looks like it belongs with all the other directories in the home directory. Purely cosmetic but you are free to name it whatever you like.

i figured that it was something with a symbolic link :smiley:
thanks btw

but i also found that just putting the /Media after ( also works :smiley:
again thanks ActionA

That’s not the case, the whole drive is shared. When I connect with FileZilla I start in /home/osmc but can browse up to the root file system and back down to media, as I described earlier:

Any decent FTP client should let you navigate up two directories and down to /media.

Indeed… Didn’t have time to test for myself but realized a simple workaround for OP’s usecase. Thanks