FTP change directory

thanks all, but im just using the FTP:// in windows explorer.exe

I need to copy a file to LIB files… i have tryed by Filezilla… and tryed to access by windows and neither working.

On windows i obtain 505 error change folder… on filezille after i have connected to FTP using osmc & osmc for username and password i obtain an error when try to drag&drop the file inside Lib folder… because ???

For root access we need a different username ?

From telnet/ssh ?? I can do anything ?

Root is not enable for FTP, see Root accass not work - #2 by fzinken

But I definitely recommend to use either SCP (with root) to put the file in the /lib/ or you could easier just login with SSH and copy the file with sudo cp

yeah… i stay in this moment to try to edit this ftpuser file… but i need to know how i can edit from telnet :smile:

what’s it’s SCP?? It’s a different programs from windows ?? For telnet client i use Kitty…

telnet? Have you installed telnet on OSMC? I suggest you login with SSH (Putty on Windows) and then you can use sudo nano <file>

SCP (SFTP) is secure copy (based on SSH) if you need a windows client you can check winscp.

kitty it’s a evolution of putty… otherwise i have used pico for editing the ftpusers files… i have removed the first line “root” and reboot osmc.

I back to use filezilla and continue to obtain error when trying to copy file on lib file…

So you use the root account with filezilla? Have you set the password before? Have you tried to login with kitty with that account?
If you use filezilla why are you using ftp and not sftp?

Once more when you already have kitty (SSH) on hand why all this effort? Just login and copy the file to /lib using sudo

ok… i thinks i have successfully used pscp… i can see the trasfert windows but when all upload it’s complete i can’t find the file copyed using ls…

Very strange…

Let’s jump on DM to try to get this sorted out

Resolved by PM… for all member:

  1. I have set all two password again for “root” and “osmc” and close ssh session

  2. run a command prompt from windows and used sftp for copy file

  3. check again from ssh if the file it’s present and that it’s all.

Now it’s about 7AM in italy… i thinks i can go to sleep finally :smile: