Ftp problem


when i try to upload files over ftp my upload freez between 50% to 75%… after? i have to reboot my rp3 to have acces to ftp again. (no route to host) any ideas of the problem ?


Can you login via SSH at the sametime and monitor what is happening with sudo journalctl -f

Seems network connection lost.

this is what happens:

brcmfmac: brcmf_sdio_hostmail: unknown mailbox data content: 0x40012

brcmf_do_scan: error -52

You might benefit from disabling power management. See this thread:

This should be disabled by default in OSMC.

doesnt work much. i have no problem with sftp download but it crash when i upload from my android sftp. no problem with my other rp3 on raspbian…

Have you tried with Ethernet connection to find out if it is a device or network issue?

wired, it work very well!

That than means that most likely your Wireless connect is not strong and connman goes it wifi scan from time to time which kills the connection. Are you using the build in wifi? Try an external dongle.