Full HD but Light, Fast Skins for OSMC Kodi on Apple TV 1 (ATV1)

    • Full HD: Not for fancy stuff, but leveraging the Pixels & Space of 1080p
  • In a way that shows more Text/ Information and requires LESS SCROLLING
    • Are there skins that are designed & tuned for this ? OR
    • Is it simply a matter of decrease Display Font Size?
      OR BOTH?
  • Kind of why people buy QHD & 4K High res Monitors
  1. Given that the ATV1 is tiny horse
  • Something Light & Fast - Not resource hungry - CPU/ Memory
  • Snappy :slight_smile:

Thoughts/ Suggestions?

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It’s the nicest looking skin I’ve come across that is still lightweight and works well on my aTV.

Some of the other skins are fancy, but either bloated or hideous…

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I’d second that suggestion. When i was testing skins, Amber seemed to be the best non standard skin for the ATV1.
That said, I didn’t get to test it much. Other household members were too used to confluence.

@vanfog - Thanks will try it out this weekend. I hope “makes use of high res” 1080p space with small fonts & less scrolling.

I wish all Screens on the planet were 4K/ 8K :slight_smile:

Its nice. I was wondering if there’s anything better. Something that has smaller Fonts, thereby allowing more “items” to be visible on the screen at any moment, i.e. minimize scrolling.

Eminence is my favorite skin on Atv1: it is fast and very customizable.
Give it a try.

This is one thing I wish more skins did.
I find that they either show too much info or not enough.
I’ve always though that the items should be smaller, the once you click on them you get a media info page with full info including a scrolling text description.
Basically a better drill down menu for media with increasing info text/graphics as you drill down. While some skins try this, none seem to “nail it”

Based on many of the skins out there, it seems that people like eye candy, whereas I just want the menus to be clean, simple with full media details when required.

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Unfortunately Eminence is not compatible with Jarvis.
So if someone is now running the latest version of OSMC, then Eminence will not work.

The developer of Eminence is currently working on “Eminence 2” which is in the Beta testing stage and compatible with Jarvis.


Nice to know … I will avoid updating until it’s ready :slightly_smiling:

I’ve been running the Beta test version of Eminence 2 on Jarvis for the last 3 months or so and its really very stable and my favourite Skin. In fact any of Jurialmunkey’s Skin’s are superbly designed, minimal and snappy on low powered Hardware.

Highly Recommended. :grin:

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I couldn’t agree more. I’d take even part of your outline and be happy :slight_smile:

So, any thoughts on “smaller font” “more items on screen” list? E.g. No. of MS Excel File cells visible on 4K > 1080p > VGA

@wrxtasy - There’s my man :slight_smile: How do I put this onto my ATV 1 OSMC?

Looks like you need to download it from here to get the latest version:

And install from .zip

Will be trying this. Tried Amber last night and could not get the home screen to do fanart slideshow, which made me sad.

Hi, I’ve tried aeon nox and I think is the one that run fastest on my atv1. Have you tried it?

A change in the February Update to Jarvis should improve menu performance.
(Sam says he noticed an improvement, but I have yet to test it)

The default setting for Settings->Video->Render Method is now “advanced shaders”

Using that setting should also help if you are running Isengard

Any fresh February installs will have that setting, but existing installations that are upgraded would need that setting changed manually.

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@xbliss @bo1e

If you go to the Eminence 2.0 thread I linked, it has full info on how to install it.

You can’t just install the skin though, it has dependencies that are needed.
It needs 3 other addons to be installed FIRST before it willinstall/work correctly.
Those addons are in the first post at the top of the linked thread

When I installed it I had to “force refresh” the official Kodi Repository so that the Jarvis versions of the various addons would be used.

If you do install it, I’d suggest signing up for a Kodi Forum account and asking for help and posting bugs in the Eminence 2.0 thread there.
It’s currently in Beta, and problems could occur. Any bugs you report there will help the developer get rid of them.

xbliss: I wish I could help, but I don’t know of a skin that supports that more item on screen “look”. They are all compromises. I usually end up simply setting some menu views to “list”, thereby disabling the cover art.

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Just tried it right now, the fonts are bigger than Amber. Need smaller fonts, more items visible.

Is thee any way I can hack an existing skin to do this?

I’m not sure right now but I think you can change the font type on the skin options.

I’ve checked kodi wiki and there is a how-to to add a new true type font to the confluence skin, modifiying the file font.xml and adding the corresponding ttf file.

May be thats ehat you need.

@vintxi - Sounds interesting. I might try that out. Can you link me to that please?