Game as library content type

I’m very happy that retro game emulation is now a native component of Kodi and thus of OSMC. Gameplay is excellent. Bluetooth controllers work great.

However I don’t understand the need for messy ROM launchers. Why aren’t games just another content type of the regular content library? Will that feature come later? I find the current recommended solution incoherent with the system as a whole.

They are, not sure what makes you think differently. Just add your ROM Folder as Source and they can be directly accessed under “Games” without any launchers needed.
If they are ZIP based you need to adjust the “ZIP” assignment otherwise they are wrongly understood as Videos

This is what I do now. But that only gives me access to the file list, not a media style library with covers, real titles, descriptions and so on.

Unfortunatel, there is no library for games in Kodi v18.

there is no scraper yet cause its not implemented expected to drop in future versions.

That will be truly excellent, when that day come. They did the right thing to release stable basic support this version.

tried to do a comprehensive guide to whats possible at the moment

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