Hy folks,

I have a Vero4K with OSMC running matrix (kodi 19.1)

I would like to instal retro game.

Some of you could tell me how or give me a link (a make some research but i can’t found …)

Many thanks


Next update should have them again according to a other post about the same topic. Please search before asking :wink:

Thanks Joakim but i don’t understand your answer : I have search a lot before asking. And i found nothing (i have only advanced launcher in addon list and i can’t configure it… (its always says: “AML mame control file not found…”)… So i aske this questions… Could someone provide me a link to explain it ?

Sorry to be so cryptic, but that question was posted just a short while ago:

ok thks . I have see and wait… :slight_smile:

Just to inform you, there are 133 game.addons for KODI, alot of them wont run on the vero, depending on OpenGL and architucture.

I am currently compileing each and every one of them, managed to do about 20 the last few days. And the Ide is to have a list of “garanteed” working emulators or OSMC, and a will redo this on every upgrade. But the initial will take time.

My dream is to have a mediacenter-game.deb in the apt repository in the end, so that user can just “apt-get install medicaneter-game”, but we are at least 2 weeks from haveing the list done, then I’ve got to Check with Sam if a mediacenter-game is something he would get behind, why it isn’t in mediacenter now is the fact that there isn’t a known good-list, game list breaks very often, and it makes the compile of mediacenter for distrobutin like 2-10 longer to get stable.

But know there is work in the background to provide some sort of solution.

Is there a emulator you want me to prioritize?

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I’d like to vote for NES and SNES, thanks for adding this!

Okey , I’m in the middle of testing emus that compiled, but so far it’s not good new. It’s like 80-ish that did compile, but the little time I had to test (3 emus so far) has just Sad faced.

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