Forgotten to include emulator binaries?


I cannot find the ‘emulators’ section in the addons menu on the latest OSMC on my raspberrypi 4. Is it possible that the OSMC-Team forgot to include the binaries into the current build or am i just to stupid to find them?

Thanks a lot

Which add-ons in particular are you looking for?

The retrogaming emulators (dosbox, snes, nes, etc.). But the whole section is missing. The only emulator i can find is MAME, but that one is in the wrong section (programs instead of emulators).

We only build the emulators officially in Kodi’s upstream repository (I believe this is a licensing issue). So far this is: game.libretro game.libretro.2048.

Covered here: osmc/ at master · osmc/osmc · GitHub.

In summary, we only build add-ons that are made available in:


There are a lot more libretro emulators that were added 27 days ago in that official repo

I’ll look at including them in a near future update


How can we build the emulators ourselves and copy them to the device via ssh?

You can do this - but it’s probably outside the scope of this forum.

Hello, is it possible to add “The Internet Archive Game Launcher (IAGL)” by ourself (or will it be in next update ?

Thanks for your advice

Is it in the upstream repo?
If so - it could be included in the next update.

Hi Sam,

thanks for answer

I don’t know if it’s in the repo stream but it’s should be here : 0. Installation · zach-morris/plugin.program.iagl Wiki · GitHub

It’s possible to install ?

IAGL is a “normal” addon and can be installed. But to use it you need the emulators that are binary addons that are missing in the current version of OSMC. So yes with the next version of OSMC you should be able to install and use IAGL

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Thanks Fzinken for your clear reply.

Allow me two questions:

  • i can’y find where IAGL is. In games addon i have only the possibility to instal Advanced Mame Launcher. And in other domain’s (program,…) there is no IAGL … Do i have to install a specific addon repository to find it ?
  • When this new OSMC version will be spread (with games binary) ?

Many thanks

Yes you either need to install the repository or the addon it self via zip file as it is explained in the link you posted above.

Next couple of weeks, you will get an announcement when you have update check activated

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Thanks you Fzinken :slight_smile: !

After looking at this, it doesn’t make sense to include these add-ons in OSMC yet for a few reasons. So unfortunately the next update won’t include these out of the box. With that said – it should still be possible to compile and install them yourself.


Can you please name those reasons?
I was hoping to use my Vero4K as a retro emulator too over the holidays. :disappointed_relieved:

If you are desperate you could look at retrosmc

I was hoping to not need that as Kodi already supports it and it already worked in the past.

Is there any update on when the emulator binaries might be re-added to OSMC?