Geniatech HDStar v3 DVB-S2 Not Working?


It worked for me on the April build, IIRC


@marklam: Thanks for the info !

@sam_nazarko: Can you help recovering the missing patch for Geniatech HDStar v3 DVB-S2 compatibility ?

thank you very much


I’ve installed the april build but still the same error.~
Basically: “not a ds3000” which may point for lacking you patch.

does anyone has a working hdstar ?
can he share
from a working installation ?

or could @marklam patch be updated for compatibility with last kernel versions ?

i’ve compiled last osmc kernel, but if I try to do it with the patch, it fails in chunk 12


forget this request.
The module that is not being capable of detecting geniatech hdstar are ds3000.ko and dvb-usb-dw2102.ko
Obviously if I took a little more attention into @marklam’s patch I would understand that :slight_smile:


So… how can make it work :slight_smile:


i’ve already compiled the kernel by adjusting the patches.
But it still fails in attaching the front end to the device.

Now compiling a new version which (for testing) ignores the attaching errors (wait for 2 hours).

(If compiling the kernel did not took so long … )


Thanks a lot


i’ve seen several posts made by your used id, here at osmc and at other foruns: Did you ever got the device working with the raspberry pi ?
even with another distribution ? (I could try to understand the diferences to make them usable in osmc).


Not at all, I have tested another dvb devices working properly and know I have this one, that I thought there has been patched (because the post of the_bo) and i have tried to test again I have tested it doesn’t work either.


I will continue to try this one.
I have some more possibilites. if neither work, and nobody else helps, we will probably be stuck with a windows only device :sob:

What other dvb-s devices have you sucessfully tested with osmc + raspberry pi ?


This was working with the April update. Haven’t tested the device since as I’m using a different dvb usb an tevii s660 which works out of the box.


Thanks for the info.

I’ve tried the april update, but it s not working. (Installed from scratch in a new sd-card).
I’ve also adapt the patch to be compatible with the current sources and compiled the kernel for the current version … still no luck.


just plug and play in a raspberry pi with osmc ???


Yeah as far as I know I didn’t need to change anything when I plugged it in. This wiki page lists which devices are supported by Linux which means it should work ok out of the box.

Still pity the patch was removed for this device as it’s useful to have working as a backup incase my tevii s660 packs up. Not sure what the reason was for removing it.


yeah. the geniatech was in the listing. That’s why i’ve bought it. it cost just 30 eur !
I’m currently using a wintv hd-solo for dvb-c and wanted to try geniatech for dvb-s.


Yeah the geniatech is supported but there are 3 versions of this device with only v1 & v2 supported hence we need to patch v3.



I have just compiled and instaled the osmc kernel again.

This time, adapted the latest patches from v4l (january 2019) for the needed modules for geniatech (ds3000.c , dw2102.c, m88ds3103.c).


Again the same dmesg error:
dvb-usb: no frontend was attached by 'SU3000HD DVB-S USB2.0'

it does not even go into the firmware loading phase.

Suggestions ???


Sorry I’m a noob at kernel compiling so not much can help you with unfortunately :neutral_face:


Looking good ? :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Geniatech HDSTar DVB-S2 Version 3.0 (DS3000/TS2020 chipset)
Hauppauge WinTV Solo HD DVB-C

Running with OSMC in a Raspberry Pi !


Failed in:
Compiling OSMC with the april patches.
Remade the patches;
LinuxTV V4L media_build

And the solution came from …
Crazycat’s VL4 media_build branch from linutx v4l !
I don’t know exactly why, but it (seems) to be working (and I wil try to know why).

I will keep posting the results here
And I promisse I will find a way of easy sharing the fixed modules and a description on how to make your own compilation environment.


That’s great!
Unfortunately, I’ve got hardly any time to work on this, but I’ve been trying to merge the Raspberry Pi Linux kernel tree with the v4l-updatelee (which seems to include the Crazycat changes).
I’ll try to post updates if I get anywhere with it.