Gl drivers

I installed retropie, a message told me gl drivers is enabled, and will cause emulators to not work properly.

There’s no option for it in pi-config, because it’s not the full raspi-config. We love minimal knockoffs.

Can’t even use raspi-config through ssh…

Can’t find gl driver option in the /boot/config.txt

No similar scripts listed in /usr/bin

How do I disable the gl drivers on this distro?

Nobody is forcing you to use OSMC, if another distribution will suit your needs better, use that instead.


That in no way, points me in the right direction to disable the gl drivers. Do you have any actually useful feedback?

As for why I’m using osmc vs libreelec, is reviews say that on pi specifically, osmc runs much smoother. Despite it not being as out of box as claimed.

This might not answer your question, but here is a couple of counter questions:

  1. What does OSMC stand for?

  2. Is there anything in in the name that hints that it is optimized for non-GL/GL based apps?

  3. If you optimize for a certain experience, is it probable that other, non essentials to that experience, parts gets nerfed?

Anyway, jb2cool anser is the same as mine. If you want an allround functioning Pi, use an allround OS =)

Ps. before pi4 there was a user solution for emulation in OSMC, but it has been dead in the water for a while, since new graphics drivers for Pi. You can still use retroplayer in Kodi, often a hit and miss, via libretro.armhf.buildbot-kodi repository. But if I remember correctly that hasn’t been updated since 2019 or something like that.

  1. Open-Source Media Center. Why?

  2. As far as I’m aware, the gl driver option in raspi-config has always been marked as experimental, and typically crashes pis that enable it. The retropie installation itself, notified me that the gl drivers can cause emulators malfunctioning.

  3. There are a plethora of tutorials stating you can run retropie on osmc without issue.

I don’t want this pi as an all-around pi, I want it as a Media Center. Complete with retro gaming for the ultimate Media experience. I have other pis to act as regular pis.

Unfortunately, i don’t even have the pi4, still on 3b+, so ill give it a look.

Open source. Free. Done by people who do it for the community. And you call it a shit distro. Pull your head in. I wouldn’t expect much in the way of help with attitude.


I have no idea why anyone was polite in their response to you.

Our focus is to provide a mediacenter.

You can change between KMS / FKMS if you wish via /boot/config.txt; but we don’t officially support this and you will see performance regressions.

If you are using a Pi 3 you’d be better off using an older version of OSMC (pre Kodi v19) which has the older driver stack in place and installing RetroPie on that.

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Our focus is to provide a mediacenter.

Is it though?

There’s hardly any native streaming service options, and if you want to use free streaming, you need a VPN, which you also don’t even provide native options for. You have to go through weeks of tutorials and setups to get anything started… the only thing it does out of box is play saved files. Seems like a glorified VLC player…

Any standard TV off shelves these days does far more. What’s the advantage? Early hair loss?

I don’t like Doom Bar, I don’t post on a forum asking why people drink it.

Obviously it’s not for you. So use something else.


I don’t get the reference, but get the concept.
However, this would be more akin to liking the taste, but not being able to open the drink.

I thought it’d be cool to have everything all in one contained system, but maybe just using a different OS and open either kodi or retropie will be better.
Then I can still have a regular browser and terminal and all that too.

I’ll try the pre v19 advice first though, because I really want to make this work. But I’m realizing being stuck inside kodi has its limitations. And it’s been a very frustrating first time user experience, despite being adept with both pis, and debian.

On pre v.19, RetrOSMC by @mcobit “should be” working. Haven’t tested it in ages, but there was no real breakage before the new “video-system”.

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I had to stop by for this one! This guy might be the rudest person ever! Complaining about a 100% FREE OS. Not to mention he talks about the Ultimate Media Experience but uses a Raspberry Pi. What a idiot. Anyone thats really into media knows the Broadcom SOC’s lack and AmLogic is King.

So move along little boy with your little boy SOC!

What good is free water to a dehydrated man, if it’s in an unopenable bottle?

And ultimate Media Center on the pi. Yes. As boasted.
That was a weird way to side with me that osmc is pretty ass though as is, but I appreciate the support.

Side with you? WOW, so you really are a Idiot! you can’t read either.
This is the opposite of siding with you!:
“Not to mention he talks about the Ultimate Media Experience but uses a Raspberry Pi. What a idiot. Anyone thats really into media knows the Broadcom SOC’s lack and AmLogic is King.”

This discussion has devolved below anything productive or meaningful so I’m closing it.