Got a second Vero want to clone 4k to the 5

Kind of lost on what steps I need to take to restore my 4k+ to my new 5. I’m sure it’s something simple I’m missing.


Use MyOSMC Backup/Restore

I see that how do I locate the file? I even tried an external hd.

Not sure what you mean. When you create the backup you define a target directory which could be either a NAS or a external HD.

I used an sd card managed to restore a backup but now none of my media is playable. Do I need to re-setup my drives?

What happens when you play them?
you might have to delete your guisettings.xml.

Are those local drives or NAS?

Local on my mac.

So shared via SMB? How accessed from your Vero?
Upload logs via MyOSMC and share the URL

My 4k+ works fine I think I might need to login to my share again and re-set it up. Just trying to remember how. Right now I have the old one plugged in and the new one just plugged into an outlet on wifi.

Edit: I forget how to view my old smb shares I can just copy paste if i can view them. I used the auto fts setting. Sorry, been so long since I had to redo my setup. Thanks

Question about autofs setup is the original question i asked years ago but i don’t remember how I got to that point.

Just share logs from the old and new Vero and we can tell you what to do

Ok will do. I think I messed up the new one now it won’t even boot. I’ll probably need to restore. Thanks. For logs I reboot twice right?

It helps if you reboot to keep them small but as you are not sharing debug logs it should be ok


New Vero I can’t boot I get an error message saying failed to mount.

Can you connect a USB Keyboard? Than you most likely can recover from this.
otherwise reinstall and restore the backup again

How do I reinstall the backup again when I can’t boot?

Not reinstall the backup. Reinstall OSMC and afterwards restore the backup

How do I reinstall osmc? I can’t boot the device and can’t do anything via the remote. I do have a keyboard. Can’t SSH in either.

If you have a keyboard just type nano /etc/fstab/ and remove the wrong entry and reboot.

I get no such file or directory when doing that