"Grab your Vero V today" button not working

If I go to Vero - OSMC and click the “Grab your Vero V today” button, I end up on a page telling me the Vero 4K+ is out of stock.

That’s… not particularly useful :grin:

I’m hoping the V will be appearing really soon, as my 4K+ is now regularly crashing with a patterned screen and the last sound played repeating over and over. The last time I saw this was on a phone that had been cooked by a severe overheat, so I’m keen to get a replacement ordered…

Believe that’s a known bug :rofl:. Bad joke, but yes, I’d like to order as well :slight_smile:.

We haven’t launched it just yet. We will do so soon :slight_smile:

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Trust me, my finger is on the trigger :sweat_smile:

Any updates for us?


The website is a total mess right now.

Click on Vero 4K+ in the store and it takes you to the Vero V page, with ‘Grab your Vero V today’ and ‘Read the announcement’.

So, click ‘Grab your Vero V today’ and you get ’ Well this is embarrassing - Vero 4K + is out of stock’.

And, click ‘Read the announcement’ and you get ‘Vero 4K + is here’ blog post from 25 July 2018.

It’s not like these are new issues.

I still have not received any newsletter regarding Vero V availability and it’s already out of stock?

Nice! Not.

We have started a soft launch: you can learn more here.

The Vero page should now also link to this post when you click it.

We are doing our best to get as many out as quickly as possible.