Vero V soft launch

We’re still working on readying our website for the new Vero and we’re packaging as many devices as we can every day so that we don’t have a large backlog like we did with the Vero 4K + when it was first released.

As some users are keen to get their hands on devices, we’re doing a soft-launch. This means no blog post announcement or newsletter email just yet.

If you’re interested, you can place your order here.

Thanks for your patience and understanding

As of 5th November 2023, resellers seem well stocked and we are accepting payments via card and PayPal. We plan to launch the product imminently.

As of 19th September 2023, some resellers are starting to get stock.







Cheers all worked fine here, UK purchaser.

Hi, I placed an order for two V’s. But for a banktranser from the Netherlands I need to fill in a complete address including postal code and residence. Can you please share this address for this purpose. You can do this with a PM or email (Order #43064). Thank you

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Yes. I need the same info:
city, country
address, postal code.


This information is provided automatically shortly after placing your order. Let me know if you don’t receive this shortly.

It was in my spam folder for anyone else having an issue.


Just got the email with information and paid for the V’s. Thank you for providing this early option!
Looking forward to start using them after my holiday :-).

what is delivery ETA for UK please?

If you order now you would have it Saturday. But that might change quickly given how many orders we already received…

Great, paid now!

Glad I refreshed the page today to check! Have ordered and just sent the money via Wise - looking forward to getting the Vero V to replace my aging Vero 4K here in Singapore!

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Brilliant just ordered money transfered

@sam_nazarko I had a bit of an issue completing the international payment. I replied back to the confirmation email. Can you contact me via email or direct message through the forum?

Dear all, it’s absolutely clear that my post is off-topic but I kindly ask your supports in recommending some “services” that can decrease the traditional costs applied by the banks in international payments.
In placing the order for the Vero V I’ve been charged of extra 25 Euro over the total amount (I’ve got an italian bank account) bringing the total order amount to 199 euro.
If there is any way to avoid these charges, I really appreciate it.

I think it is what it is at this point until they get the OSMC store setup.
I was trying to make a purchase from the US and hit a bunch of hurdles as well.
So local users don’t take a hit in the soft launch window but international users will likely get hit hard with fees and what not.

I’ve used TransferWise (now just called “Wise”) a few times. It’s a little slow - payment can take a couple of days to clear - but ultimately reliable and considerably cheaper than a straight bank transfer. I wouldn’t want to promise that the OSMC website is compatible with it, but it might be worth checking out.

Thank you very much. I’ll take a look!

Wise will have fees as well. Maybe less than your bank, but there are still fees.

The bad is that extra money is not going to OSMC Team also for their efforts in supporting their products, software and community but to the banks for transactions that are definitely overpriced.

Just ordered mine. Used Revolut to make the bank Transfer. Fee were low compared to French Banks.
Didn’t use my Wise account, as I would have to also register the UK bank account I’d create for it to my income tax crap.