New Vero?

Double the price

About 170 euros.

thx for the info

This is now available as a soft launch.


What does soft launch mean? How do I purchase? I never got newsletter announcement.

There is a clear statement by Sam on top of the Forum explaining “soft lunch” and providing also the link for direct purchase.

Read the first post in this thread:

(There’s a link in that post which you can use to order).

No newsletter has been sent yet.

Dear OSMC Team,
Today I read about the new Alpha 3 build of Kodi 21 that is going to implement settings which make Kodi convert Dolby Vision profile 7 (single track/video) files into profile 8.1 but on Android OS (Dolby Vision Compatibility/Quality Improvements).
Is this something that could be also introduced into future versions of OSMC?

There’s a reason why the DV work on Kodi is concentrated on Android and, I think, is confined to devices that already support DV, just not under Kodi. quietvoid is doing some great work uncovering the way DV works but I don’t think the approach followed there translates to OSMC devices.

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Noted. Thanks

I think it is safe to assume that the Vero V will never support Dolby Vision output, and it’s likely that no subsequent OSMC device ever will either. From what Sam has said, there are legal issues which cannot be overcome without compromising OSMC’s open source nature to such an extent that it renders the entire project pointless.

Things can change, but this device for sure doesn’t support it.

We are looking at tonemapping as discussed though.

Well, sure, that’s why I said it won’t support Dolby Vision output. :slight_smile:

Agreed, but I was guessing that this conversion of Dolby Vision profile 7 (single track/video) files into profile 8.1 could have been done at software level without any native DV implementation.

Do you have reason to believe doing that would bypass Dolby’s licensing requirements? DV itself is proprietary IP, now matter how it’s implemented.

Originally it seemed to me to be a workaround to manage only specific DV profile and not the full specs, that’s why I supposed not to break the DV license terms.

You can’t break license terms if you don’t license something.

There are other implications we need to look in to.

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Just to confirm, is the Vero V remote the same used by the Vero 4K+?

I’m planning to order one and keep the 4K+ as a backup for the V and the other 4K+. If it’s the same remote it makes it much easier and I do not have to order a spare remote.

The remote that shipped with the Vero 4K+ since earlier this year is the same as what is currently shipping with the Vero V. This is the remote that will show up in the logs as “2017:1690”. There have been several different models of OSMC remotes prior to this and they show up using different VID:PID’s. The dongles from previous remote revisions are not compatible in any way with the current revision remote. However plugging the dongle from a previous generation remote will allow that previous generation remote to be used on a Vero V as these remotes present themselves as a standard HID device.