New Vero?

So, reading reddit, I see Sam has a new vero in the works, coming in May 2023.
Tomorrow is May.
How about the sales pitch, whats new, whats better, when will it be available, offering presales?

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All will be announced when it’s ready.


Waiting patiently hope retro gaming :black_joker::+1:

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I know I would be ordering instantly. Al be it to support.

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Please put me in the very interested list. I already have two 4K+ and very happy with them. However, depending on the new model’s features I’ll surely get one!

You can sign up to the OSMC Newsletter at Blog - OSMC for more information when it’s released.

Of course there will be an announcement on the blog when it’s launched.



Reading this on Reddit where, exactly? Do you have a link?

There is an old Swedish proverb that goes something like this, losely translated:

Those that wait for something “pleasant / good / worth while”, never wait to long.


“Good things comes to those who wait.”


I guess this is the link - Reddit - Dive into anything

“i_am_sam_nazarko” wrote; “The Vero 4K+ isn’t coming back. We will have a new product next month.” (May)

If there is a new vero coming out, maybe give current owners a day or two advance notice so we don’t miss out and end up on a waiting list? (And a little discount, lol)

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I wouldn’t mind such an heads up, I concur.

I’ll send out a newsletter before release.

This one makes me chuckle a bit, because you weren’t happy about emails you received in the past:

You’ll only receive an email if you’re subscribed to the Newsletter.

I’m going to do my best.



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Hi Sam, how do I sign up to the newsletter?

Check here: About - OSMC

This is making me hopeful.

And also quite impatient… I could buy now one of the compatible devices and get more or less everything I might need. HDR10, DV, audio passthrough for all relevant codecs, 4GB RAM, probably a more powerful processor.

Come on, @sam_nazarko . Give us some good news, so we can keep money for you! :slight_smile:

I’ve written about this in some detail here: Dolby Vision - #19 by sam_nazarko.

Any updates on the New Vero announcement. cheers

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When it is released there will be an official announcement on the blog


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Are we still on for a May announcement? :slight_smile:

I don’t recall promising a May announcement :laughing:.

There will obviously be a blog post and news here when the product is ready.


I referred to this New Vero? - #9 by watdub