New Vero?

Next month from May is June. And we indeed do have a new product. We won’t be selling the Vero 4K + anymore excluding business customers that want LTS.

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Well well… :face_with_peeking_eye:

Doesn’t say it will be launched next month :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hope it’s clear that everything I write is in jest… if Sam needs an extra month, or an extra six months, to get wherever he feels he needs to be with the new product, so be it.

It’s simply enthusiasm and anticipation. Nothing more. :slight_smile:

I think everyone got it, its like saying I’ll buy you a beer tomorrow

It’s all good. Lots to do yet.

As Sam already told me the new Vero is already been sold to/bought by B2B customers and therefore out of stock, I wonder for how long the device will remain “out of stock” when it officially launches, because everybody wants to get one first, including me.

@sam_nazarko Not going to drop any tidbits about what we might be able to expect in the Vero 8k, Sam? :slight_smile:

We will release it soon, prioritising existing customers as we anticipate a lot of demand.

How exactly are you planning to do this?

Give existing customers (and anyone subscribed to the OSMC Newsletter) a chance to order the new device before anyone else.


Good to hear.

Are you able to comment on pricing, or it will be announced together?

It will all be announced later when ready.

Any announcements on specifications?

Once again, this will be made clear at a later date.

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Added myself to news letter, hopefully retro gaming stays on new device :innocent::black_joker::+1:

You won’t lose any features, only gain.

If you’re using Vero 4K / 4K +, then thanks, you’ve been testing the software platform and video stack already for two years, so we don’t anticipate any issues on launch day.

Everyone wins: 4K / 4K + users get extended support, we got a lot of testing for our new device.


Sweet on 4k+ n pi3b

Any kinda buy back/ discount scheme for those with vero 4k+?

Buy back no, discount — I’m torn. I want to show existing customers appreciation, hence why we will prioritise their shipments first.

But developing infrastructure to check that they really have bought a Vero to evaluate a discount is time consuming. Then if you have bought one - do I give the oldest purchase more of a discount or the newest? Is it fair to give both the same etc? More difficult things to work out first.

How long have you owned your device?