Happy New Year! OSMC's January update is here - OSMC

We hope that you had a good Christmas and New Year.

Our first update of the year brings Kodi v19.5, which is the final version of Kodi 19.x (Matrix). We are now working on preparing Kodi v20 (Nexus) for OSMC users. This update brings the last stable version of Kodi v19 with a few improvements to improve the upgrade process.

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After many flawless updates, updating from the October update has disabled analogue sound output. Tried a few reboots and complete powering off the Vero4K+ so far with no change. HDMI sound still works fine.

Have there been any other reports about this issue?

// Edit: Problem fixed

Not yet - but the update is young. I’d suggest a new post with some logs


Great work!

Can someone point to an up to date install guide for Moonlight please? (Vero 4K+)



Wow I actually gave up hope for official moonlight support but there it is. Thanks!

Thank you!

Can you elaborate what was changed for this?

The sources.list still contains HTTP-only entries:

$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list
deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian bullseye main contrib non-free
deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian/ bullseye-updates main contrib non-free
deb http://security.debian.org/ bullseye-security main contrib non-free
deb http://apt.osmc.tv bullseye main

When you update you will see the OSMC mirror switch to https:

Hit:4 https://ftp.fau.de/osmc/osmc/apt bullseye InRelease

Not sure why the debian repos don’t switch - I guess OSMC has no control over those?

We have some control but the HTTPS explicitly in sources was changes for new installs only.

As you say though, we’ll redirect to HTTPS automatically.


after this update I miss a feature. I manage my musicvideolibrary with ID3-Tags because there is no scraper that really works with musicvideos. Now, when I add a musicvideos and try to update my library it falls back to the scraper and ignores the tags I’ve written into the file. The expert setting “use tags” is gone, instead there is an option “extract information from file” (or something like that, I use german localisation), but this does not seem to do anything.
Any idea?

Keep up the good work & Kind Regards

That option was removed on purpose as it doesn’t work as it should and when people enabled it without having full knowledge of what it did would have difficulties with some content not scraping correctly. Additionally, the common way for people to tweak scraping is by using nfo files. As such I championed forcing the option disabled and hiding the setting. For anyone who wants to reenable this option they will need to make an advancedsettings.xml file like the following…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Note that this will enable the setting but it will stay hidden from the UI. If you need to verify that the setting was enabled you can check that ~/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml contains “<setting id="myvideos.usetags">true</setting>

Thank you very much, that works for me.
I’ve tried using nfo-files before, but with around 2900 musicvideos the use of Id3 tags was much easier for me to implement and automate and less of a clutter. So I’m really glad the option still exists.

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Hi there.
Is there a RC for V20?
to be honest quite happy to test a nightly build.

I run a house wide system with mysql backend.
My windows boxes auto updated, so now the music libraries are out of sync.
V20 uses a newer Database structure than V19.

We’ll let you know when test builds are available.

Kodi v20 uses the same music database as v19 so that shouldn’t be the case. The video databases are different so you might want to uninstall Kodi from the app store you have it installed from and then install v19 again but source it from Kodi’s download page. This will keep this problem from coming up again in the future as this seems to be an ongoing issue. This time it even auto updated to a release candidate version which is, in my opinion, less than ideal. You may want to also drop the v20 database from MySQL after doing this so when you do update it builds a new one from up to date v19 data.

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yup music is the same,
but the android devices auto updated to v20 already too, (sorry did not mention had tablets too)
a very mixed household.

not sure how to rollback on android

Go to Kodi’s download page and read through the install instruction for manually installing on android.

Wondering if there is a lookout on a (test) release of Kodi 20.1?
Holding off my other clients, but would like to update :-).

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There is only an internal testing release at the moment. Once there is some confidence that it is good enough for a public beta test Sam will make a new thread to announce it with instructions on how one could switch their system over. I personally don’t know what the timeline looks like.

Thank you for the prompt reply!

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