Hard Disk not Showing up in Samba

Hi everyone,I got OSMC RC3 up and running on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B for about 3 days now and everything is running smoothly except the samba server.I have installed it from the app store and i have connected my Toshiba 2.5 inch 1tb hard drive which is formatted with NFTS and I cannot find the hard drive on the local filesystem or the network share can someone please tell me how to get it to show up on the network share?I want to be able to get it to show up on the samba app on my android tablet.

Try the steps that I did in the first post.

First of all please update through My OSMC as RC3 is old now, the final release has been out for a few weeks…

If you’re still having this problem after updating please boot up with your drive connected then use the log uploader to upload all debug logs.

The problem was because the raspberry pi was simply not providing enough power.