Hardware keyboard layout (outside of Kodi)

Hello there!
I’m using moonlight-embedded on my RasPi 2 running latest stable OSMC to stream my Desktop PC.
I’ve bought a wiresless keyboard with touchpad to control it.
Everything is working fine so far, besides the keyboard layout. My wireless keyboard has a german QWERTZ layout, but the input is still in the US layout. I have no idea how to change that.
I’ve tried installing keyboard-configuration and such, but none seems to fix it.
In Kodi It’s kinda working. It does not accept special characters like ä, ö, ü via the keyboard, only via the onscreen keyboard.
Can anyone tell me how to change the hardware layout outside of kodi?

Thanks in advance

sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

Hey there,

I have tried it, but I didn’t get the German keyboard layout to run in the terminal. Also

sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

package is not installed. Any idea of what else to try?

Thanks and best regards! Alex

Okay. This has been discussed before - I found all I needed right here!


Thanks and keep it up! Alex

Do not install keyboard-configuration or console-setup. This will cause serious problems,

Well, I just did /: Works like a charme, except for ä ü ö - so what will be the bad consequences?

Which one did you install? It would help if we can at least ‘narrow down’ your solution. console-setup is an X related component.

I think we should investigate why dpkg-reconfigure locales did not resolve the issue.

Just reset my whole system and have it back running without any changes to the system (= I will try again tomorrow the dpkg-reconfigure locales and provide you with a log file.

Thanks for the great work! Best regards, Alex

Cheers, I’m keen to get this resolved the right way, so appreciate this.


very very interesting… there are similar but on latest osmc on Rpi2 the locales it’s working out of kodi… but inside of kodi no. Inside it it’s no possibly to configure it… ever the english keyboard it’s been used… someone can sugggest to me how i can change the layout of hardware keyboard inside kodi ?

If still relevant, my solution here: https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/bug-report-danish-hardware-keyboard-layout-not-working/3507/61?u=hvitrebrithil