Hauppauge wintv dualhd on Vero 4k+ - just one tuner

Hi all,

I just unpacked Vero4k+, Installed TVHeadEnd, plugged Hauppauge WinTV DualHD, and I see only one tuner. Is there any dirty trick to enable both tuners? It worked flawlessly on my OdroidC2 with CoreElec.

And thank you for fantastic support!

Can you upload a log so we can see if the tuner is being recognised?


https://paste.osmc.tv/ emaduxofuz

Looks like an SI2168 based device.
Might need to update the driver. This can be a bit risky as it can break things; but we can take a look at it. Can you upload dmesg log from ODROID so I can compare?


http://ix.io/1qKT … Also if you could guide me how to enable OSMC Wifi dongle on Odroid, it would be very helpful. I’m bit struggling there. I need to install at least powershell to get around bash :)…

I will look in to adding support for your TV dongle.
The OSMC WiFi dongle uses an MT7610U module. The source is here: GitHub - osmc/mt7610u


thank you Sam, very appreciated. I’ll leave TV dongle in Odroid for now. Thank you!

I’m bit novice with linux. How to install it pretty please?

It needs to be compiled and added by the distro developer.

Thank you Sam! Would you be so kind and create a pull request to CoreElec? I’m noobie when it comes to Linux drivers GitHub - CoreELEC/CoreELEC: A lightweight OS for KODI

Hmm, it looks like the OSMC Wifi adapter does not work on Vero 4k+ either (same CPU as Odroid C2). I bought it as I believed it works (based on description “It sports full compatibility with all OSMC supported devices”).

We don’t include the module for Vero 4K, but I can add it if you’d like. The reasoning is that the internal adapter is better than the external one. So we want users to use the internal.

Edit: I think the CE guys have picked the driver

THX Sam for info! it would be great if it made it into CE. I’ll wait for some time :). I spent entire day learning Linux (and it’s a pain a bit). I’ve been Microsoft guy forever, doing automation in PowerShell, and this really bites :slight_smile: .THX for all this great support.

From my current experience sofar:

  1. Vero 4k + is awesome device. I love design, I love remote (it’s so easy to navigate with it)
  2. I replaced default sking with Confluence. Even I played default skin for some time, I experienced some hangs when watching live TV (streamed from Odroid)
  3. I tried to tune some channels with that Hauppauge mentioned above, and it does not work. I guess you are working on it, big thanks for that! I believe those working drivers are from CrazyCat
  4. From now, I’m recommending Vero 4k+ to all my friends…
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Did driver make it into December update? If not, would it be possible to compile some for me? Thank you, and happy new year!

Edit: I plugged the TV Tuner into TV. Just one adapter is displayed, but now it was able to tune TV stations.


Logs are here if you are interested: https://paste.osmc.tv/katajaziyo

Edit2: Picture and audio is not playing fluently. Stops/Resumes. I guess there are some driver issues or something. I’ll plug that dongle back to Odroid. I guess I’ll dedicate some Raspberry Pi with OSMC :slight_smile: for TVHeadEnd server. THX for all folks!

I didn’t get a chance to look at this yet, but it’s still on the list


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CE should add support for the WiFi dongle shortly. I can see they’ve added our driver.

I’m still working on adding support for more tuners



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