HD Crystal Hardware Decoder

If I install the Broadcom BCM970015 in my ATV1, do I loose my wireless capability? I have seen a few people on here that ordered the same card I have from Ebay and aren’t getting it to work. Also, just a side note, if I removed the flash drive and reboot into the Apple OS, it is stuck on the main menu and is completely non-responsive. Do you think I might have a bad card?


If you install the CrystalHD card, then you will replace the internal WiFi card. You can use a WiFi USB dongle. This one is quite good and is guaranteed to be compatible with the AppleTV: https://store.osmc.tv/product/802-11n-wifi-dongle/.

If you remove the flash drive and the Apple OS loads but it’s frozen, then I would advise you reseat the card and also check that the Hard Disk is OK.


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Hello, this is how I kept my wifi after installing the CrystalHD card. I used an AirPlay Express (2nd Gen) device and set it up to “Join a wireless network” on my wifi. I used a CAT5 (yellow)cable to connect in the AirPlay and AppleTV1 CAT5 socket. You don’t need the AirPlay on for streaming to your stereo/iTunes. The purpose in my case was to have the options of either using the USB port for running Kodi or using the HDD. In the future HDD will become harder to find for these units.


This might be a good lower-cost alternative for folks who don’t already own an Airport Express: https://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-TL-WR802N-Wireless-Repeater-300Mbps/dp/B00TQEX8BO/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1469473618&sr=8-6&keywords=wireless+bridge