HDHomeRun audio sync issues after April OSMC Update

Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue since applying the April 2019 update to my Vero4K. The audio drifts horribly after watching about 15 to 30 seconds of tv. The HDHomeRun has been updated to the latest firmware.

I’ve tried watching the HDHomeRun directly from my TV, and the audio sync is fine. Also, before the April update, it worked fine through the Vero4K.

So, with all this proof, I can only assume that the problem has something to do with the update. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and more importantly, has anyone been able to overcome it?

Does this happen with recordings?
Can you post a debug log?

Sorry about the delay.

I checked and recordings are also affected by this problem.

Logs are here: https://paste.osmc.tv/risodafaro

Thanks – I’ll look in to this.

Hi @sam_nazarko, is there any other info I can provide to help you figure this out?


Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

No more info needed. This will be resolved shortly in the next update.


Hi @sam_nazarko, the May update does not seem to have helped with this issue. Now the being out of sync is immediate (audio is about 5 to 7 seconds before the image).

I uploaded a new log which is available here: https://paste.osmc.tv/ocopekigiw


Can you send me a sample so I can reproduce this problem?

Of recorded video?

Hi @sam_nazarko

I recorded a few minutes of a TV show. If I view, using my Vero4K, the sample I recorded, the video and audio are out of sync. If I watch the same video file from my computer, everything is synced up perfectly.

Let me know if you still need a sample.

That’s exactly what he would need a sample of to test/debug with :grinning:

I’ve got a very large library of HDHomeRun recorded videos and am not seeing the problem. The system I tested with was not using audio passthrough. I tested multiple video resolutions and many files with the latest update. The only time I could recreate a sync problem was by disabling the MPEG2 HW acceleration in the Player settings. You might want to check this setting. Depending upon which HDHomerum device you are using the video formats will be MPEG2 or H.264. All except the Extend unit output MPEG2.

Okay @sam_nazarko, here is a few minutes of video - again viewed from my computer and it is fine and synced properly. Viewed on the Vero4K and the video and audio is badly out of sync. It was so when I had it on during the recording process.


@jeff2, I checked my settings and all the acceleration settings you mentioned were turned on. FYI, it is a HDHomeRun Connect Duo.

Also interesting, I looked at a few TV shows that I had recorded before the April update (and were fine) but now they play with the same out of sync audio/video problem.

Any videos that are DVD or BD rips play without issue.

I didn’t think a Duo would output MKV format natively. Are you converting this after it is recorded or are you not using the HDHomeRun software for recording ? If not, what is doing the recording ?

TvHeadend is being used for recording. I had previously used the HDHomeRun software and hated it so I moved on to TvHeadend which used to work without issue.

Ok. This makes sense. There have been other reports of TVHeadend and MKV audio sync issues. This explains why I am not seeing them since I am running the HDHomeRum DVR software on a Windows machine…

I cannot reproduce this. Are you playing it through the tvheadend recordings menu or direct as a video?

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I don’t know what is being used. In the Kodi menu, there is a live tv button. Clicking on that would bring up the guide from which you can choose what to watch. Unfortunately the audio and video are not in sync.

I’m glad to tell you what settings are being used if you are specific. I also assume that all these settings are listed in the log file, though I have no idea how to find that info in there.

What I mean is, if you navigate to the folder where your TV recordings are (Settings->FileManager) and play The Talk.mkv, do you still lose audio sync?

Interesting thought.

So, what I did was go to Settings>File Manager and added a new source of my PVR folder which contains all recorded TV.

These files are stored on the same NAS where I store my DVD rips. Anyway, playing that file, indeed, any video file within the PVR folder, gives me out of sync video/audio.

Edit: I also tried going to Settings>Media and added the PVR folder there, with the same out of sync errors occurring.