HDMI-CEC remote sensitivity issue


Hi, I’ve just recently started having an issue with HDMI-CEC on my Vero 4k. The remote now appears to double-press all the time, skipping extra lines when attempting to select eg. menu items (similar maybe to [SOLVED] Raspberry CEC - repeated inputs). I have tried changing settings in System>Input>Peripherals but this has made no difference. I have tried changing batteries, and another remote (both Samsung) from another TV but the same problem persists. Strangely, it had been working fine the whole time I’ve had the Vero (~3 months) until now.



We haven’t changed anything re. CEC in this update.
Are you using the stable version of OSMC or have you installed a nightly build?

You may find turning everything off (Vero and TV) at the mains for a few minutes resolves the issues.

Did the TV recently receive a software update?