HDMI-CEC seems to stop working after a couple of hours

Haven’t changed anything CEC or eARC related.

Covered here: 4k+ CEC EARC issue - #48 by sam_nazarko

Morning Sam,
I totally get this, so I think (with my non technically minded thought process) that this issue is not actually related to the CEC role back. But a configuration change between 03/22 and ongoing releases.

I know your focus is moving forward with V19.5 and V20 and our small (but vocal cohort) highlight this issue. I appreciate your continuing support.

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It most certainly is still an issue I’m afraid. Again, it potentially might not directly be related to CEC per se, but manifests where ARC is employed and/or where an AVR or other device is involved in the chain or where other devices otherwise are sharing the CEC bus with the Vero.

It is reproducible for me from 09/22 onwards 100% of the time, but occurs as others have said after a random interval of uptime which is not fixed.

There is absolutely no doubt it is something with the software on the Vero at fault since every single time a reboot of the Vero (or a restart of the Kodi service via SSH if I remember correctly) with zero other changes made to anything else in the chain immediately cures it until it will definitely do it again after a random interval.

I am too back on 03/22 just to enjoy a stable experience (and it’s rock solid by the way) since the device is heavily used by non-technically minded family members, I cannot be on a release which needs this manual intervention so frequently…

@sam_nazarko , I have asked you this a couple of times (most recently a few posts up from the thread you referenced) where you mentioned about the HDMI TX PHY stuff getting upgraded between 03/22 and 09/22 updates but received no response.

If you have not changed CEC behaviour explicitly (or reverted it to pre-09/22 status) is this not the next thing to look at potentially if you had the correct setup to reproduce - it’s a shame it cannot be reproduced in-house since many others have reported it and it exists on ALL updates that came after 03/22.

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There are indeed changes between 2022.03 and 2022.09 and later in terms of HDMI PHY.

We’re still looking at this – but we are stabbing in the dark somewhat.

It will be solved, and I do apologise here.

When we think we’re honing in on a solution, I’ll make USB/SD bootable images available so you can run OSMC from external media without needing to format your internal installation



That’s great. Will be more than happy to test at that time…please keep us posted!

Managed to catch it today whilst I was out and the TV was off all day:


I had tried to set a logical address to try a theory, but it seems it is a waking the TV from sleep. I am trialling the do nothing command when the TV is switched off to see if that helps.

Mine is doing the same - i wake up in the morning occasionally to find the tv is on and the vero is on (red light out).

Thanks. I’m travelling but will check this shortly.

That would be great, and I’d be happy to test using that setup as well.