HDR10+ Making its way now

Check out @darkohlusicka’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/darkohlusicka/status/1090209120219746305?s=09

I think it will be a while before it trickles down to other content; but something that we are watching closely.


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That’s nice to hear! The list of HDR10+ Blu-ray’s will grow larger this year and some is already released!

List of HDR10+ Blu-ray’s:

  • ALIEN (1979)
  • THE HATE U GIVE (2018)
  • ROBIN HOOD (2018)
  • WE, THE MARINES (2017)
  • WIDOWS (2018)

I think the IMAX Enhanced program is going to boost HDR10+ content on discs.

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I didn’t even notice… I picked up Bad Times as the El Royale and didn’t even notice that it was HDR10+

I saw no difference, but I don’t think that my Hisense supports 10+. At least it played normally.

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I think Samsung, Philips (europa) and Panasonic is the only one supporting HDR10+ at the moment.
TCL and Hisense just joined in, so I guess all 2019 models will support it.

On my Samsung I only see HDR in the logo bar, not sure if hdr10 or hdr10+ will be displayed separately . On several HDR10 mkv’s I don’t see it appearing, so I’m curious if someone can confirm HDR10/HDR10+ in logo bar.

Right now I don’t think there is any way to check if your Samsung TV is displaying HDR10+, people have been complaining about this for a while at Samsung. Vero4k/4k+ does not support HDR10+ yet, so the only way to play a HDR10+ bluray right now is trough a HDR10+ compatible bluray player like the one from Panasonic. The bluray player can then display info about the source and show you that the content are played back with HDR10+ enabled.

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thank you. I’ll wait then until samsung maybe releasing an update about logo visibility. Not sure if I want to buy a bluray player just to see it or not :wink:

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there are also the media players “OPPO” as it is the model 203. that already runs with Hdr10 +. I have a Panasonic FZ800 OLED in which if there is Hdr10 + a different logo comes out. I have checked it for the first time yesterday. watching the bohemian rapsody movie.
The truth is that it is a very promising format. the colorimetry he gives is sensational.
It would be great to incorporate it into the Vero 4K. Will this ever be possible?


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Hello, what’s up?

I would like to be a bit insistent on the HDR10 + theme. I do not insist on when a new update based on Kodi 18 will come out, no. I can wait.
But if I would like to know if this update or any future will come with HDR10 + support.

The why. Mainly because the titles with this format are already being distributed and I would be interested in giving full use to my new panasonic OLED TV with hdr10 +.

Then second is, because a friend sells me a device (Oppo) which does have this support, but before making a “silly” expense I would like to know if Vero will sooner or later be able to support it. This way I save the purchase of this Oppo.

Thanks and best regards!

I think it’s premature for Sam to answer at this point. Maybe the team is still checking if this is possible with only a software update.

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I do not know. Let’s see if they give us any indication.

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@Fydo - If you ask me, my money is that Vero can update to HDR10+ :smile:

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Yes hehe. The oppo is quite expensive. Although they make me a very good offer by being a trusted friend.

Does anyone has a sample file which definitely contains hdr10+? So far I found none, which can be tested on my Q9FN tv, USB or via Vero.

And the only content mentioned is on Blu-ray which supposed to have HDR10+ (Robin Hood, A Beautiful Planet etc etc) and I don’t plan to buy such a device, as I’ve own an Vero 4K+.

On Usenet I can’t find samples that really contains HDR10+. Let’s say Media-info can’t detect it to be in there.

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I think OSMC team can’t give any guarantee that the Mali 450 (Vero 4k) will be able to deliver HDR10+.

Even Arm only offer Dolby Vision compatibility (the “equivalent” to HDR10+) in their latests G31 (or better) platforms. And it’s curious that Arm doesn’t even name HDR10+ in their latests products.

ATM I only hope Vero 4K could, some day, deliver HDR10 metadata (MaxFALL, MaxCCL,…). We will see… the HW and the drivers has its own limits.

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On forums like doom9.org it looks like they are still working out how get the separate metadata for hdr10+ play back properly once ripped.


Yes there is. Bohemiam Rapsody, Bad times for the royal, Widows, etc …

By the way, I do not quite understand what the MaxFALL, MaxCCL metadata is.
Does someone explain to me?


Those are meant to tell your display the boundaries/limits/Max levels of HDR frames. Some display ignore those data, others don’t (depends on firmware sometimes). When not present, display must make a guess. Those are useful for tone mapping (JVC protectors at least) and to avoid clipping.


@Fydo so you have those “samples” were HDR10+ is recognizable? Or do you refer to the HDR Blu-ray’s?

@Zooicidal That is was I’ve seen as well, there is a tool to “rip” the HDR10+ metadata from the original Blu-ray, but still not a good solution to set it into a “origional copy” :wink:

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