HDR10+ Making its way now


The Mali doesn’t handle video playback, the VPU does. But EOTF data is handled in the HDMI TX layer.


Thanks for clarifying the terms. But does It means that HDR10+ could be rendered with all guarantees ?


I don’t know yet.

Theoretically: yes.


You can test with the HDR10+ file from FF Pictures (original footage from NASA)

You can grab the file here.

2GB file - 4K HDR10+ version


Thanks, will have a look. :nerd_face:

Have looked into:

Hdr10+ doesn’t pop up on my 2018 Q9FN, of which I hoped for. Will look into it if that anyhow appear.

Played file direct on TV via usb (stuttering) but can’t select info which displays same info as via HDMI.

Played same file via vero on nfs share (fluently) and then HDMI info displays HDR UHD.

Maybe someone else with same TV has idea of HDR10+ being recognizable.


@mtv Hi. I have a Panasonic FZ800. If I connect a usb directly with the file, the “HDR10 +” icon appears in a corner.
If I do it from the Vero Simply appears HDR.


@Fydo thanks for letting me know, then for sure my Samsung 2018 Q9FN doesn’t display HDR10+ then as an icon, just HDR.



So bottom line seems to be HDR10+ is hardly worth the bother.


Certainly sounds like it. Also makes LG’s comments of them not bothering with HDR10+ because their dynamic tone mapping is just as good a bit more plausible.


TBH, I don’t understand what purpose dynamic metadata serves. Maybe an expert like @Steve_Neal can enlighten us.


just got reply from Vincent from HDTV:

Yes, Samsung’s 2018 TVs currently display [HDR] only even though they
might be playing HDR10+ content.


Got to keep selling those TVs!
I can see curved coming back any time now.

We are still keeping an eye on this though.


Haha :laughing: