Help. Brand new Vero 4k+ remote not working

I just opened the box and connected the vero 4k+. However the remote doesnt seem to be connecting / working at all. I am stuck on the opening screen with select language option.

I read there should be a USB IR receiver - but i dont appear to have a USB version, but rather an AUX version of the receiver (i think) .

Question on the remote setup

  1. Which socket should the IR remote go into ? I can see 2 sockets but not sure which one to use?
  2. How can I pair the remote ?
  3. I thought this was an RF remote - but looks like it is IR ?

The USB receiver will be taped to the back of the remote package. Occasionally, customers will rip open the remote package and not see the receiver.

The supplied IR receiver is an extension to the integrated IR receiver, to be used for custom infrared remotes only, and only when the device is placed out of line of sight.

If you check your package contents, you should find the receiver. They are all machine weighed – and then visually inspected, so it isn’t possible for a remote to be sent without a receiver.



My friend… I found the piece and that WORKED. You need to pack that small piece better.
Now where do I plug in the IR extender ? I want to get it to work with harmony one … :slight_smile:


I’m glad you found the receiver. Point noted regarding the remote.

Does the Harmony One support Bluetooth? If it does, your performance will be better with a BT pairing.

If it doesn’t support BT, but the Vero will be in line of sight, then you don’t need to connect the receiver. Otherwise, you can place it in the port nearest the edge of the Vero.

P.S. I hope other readers realise we didn’t deliver you the device with that many marks… it does smudge easily though :slight_smile:


Ha ha… no you didnt. I realized one of my ethernet cables wasnt working so dust and smudges galore.

I appreciate this.

I will do more reading on how to hook this up to plex. Appreciate the help or any pointers.

Glad to hear this. After I saw ‘no USB receiver’ and saw your photos, I thought in my mind, where the heck has he got this from?

For Plex: you’d be best with PlexKodiConnect. There’s an official Plex add-on, but it’s somewhat abandoned. The cynic in me says that Plex developed it to get a load of attention from Kodi users and pulled the rug to bring them over.

Both (to my knowledge) should be available under Settings -> Add-ons.
If I’m wrong, I am sure I will be corrected shortly.



please read Configure Harmony Elite + Hub with Vero 4k/Kodi for the connection of your harmony to the vero via bleutooth. Works really good, i do use this myself with a harmony hub/remote/app.

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