[HELP] How To Install OSMC On Raspberry Pi 2 Manually

Hi there, I’ve been trying too hard to install OSMC on my raspberry pi 2 with OSMC Official Installer & Win32 Disk Imager, but none of those installation were successful.

Now i decided to ask here “How To Install OSMC Manually” if you know how to do it i will be happy if you share your knowledge with us. :smile:


You might do better to tell us what you tried, and how it failed.
I say this because it isn’t something for anovice without resources to take on.
By resources I mean something like a linux system with internet access and a working SD Card reader/writer.

You’re much better off finding out what’s wrong with your system.

The installer and disk images DO work just fine, if they don’t work for you, you have some hardware issue that needs resolving. There is no “manual installation” that is going to resolve a hardware problem.

Man, i’ve tried to do it with 3 different Desktop computers / 3 Different SD cards / 2 Different USB Flashs / 2 Different Raspberry Pi-s

They work perfectly fine until I’m using them with Ubuntu-Mate / Open-elec / RuneAudio & Retro Pi installed on.
But just when i’m trying to install OSMC, i face with problems. (as i said here)

it’s 3 days that i’m trying to install OSMC on one of my devices, but it always finishes with a “fail”.


Can you please pick one thread for this problem and stick to it, as you have two threads open running in parallel with basically the same issue.

Okay, we will continue on here (Last thread)