HEVC issues with Vero4K+

Does it help if you skip forward while the movie plays?

No. That does not help.

MVC is the encoding, “frame packed” is the mode used to display/transport the video to the TV/projector. So MVC is the input and “frame packed” is the output :slight_smile: .

Changed GUI to match the 4K movie resolution. Makes no difference, still plays badly.

4K movie playing badly. Played a bit of a 3D movie, which played OK. Back to playing the 4K movie, which still played badly.

Makes no difference. The 4K movie still plays badly.
One thing I did notice is that sometimes on the jump forward (using the top button), there is a small amount of green pixelation across the very bottom of the screen. It does not happen all the time when jumping forward and not every 4K movie, that is playing badly, is affected.

This is affecting basically any playback, but doesn’t always show. We’re aware of it, but not sure what it’s caused by. As it doesn’t seem to have an effect on playback itself, it doesn’t have top priority… Getting 4K playback working for everyone has. :+1:t2:

“Getting 4K playback working for everyone has”
Any roadmap for this?

What do you expect with that question other than: we’re working on it… ? As you can see in this thread. It’s all about trying to nail down the issue and thus solving it.


It’s been a while – but we haven’t been sitting around.
We are planning to release an update with some significant video improvements in the near future, but we need some feedback. I’ve sent a PM to affected users, which @grahamh thankfully kept track of.

As fixing these playback issues are a priority, we will delay our transition to Debian Bullseye to make sure that these issues are addressed first.

If you’re suffering from this issue and haven’t received a PM, let me know and you can be included in the testing.

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Hey Sam, I have that issue at the Vero4k only. The Vero4k2 seems to work fine.
Unfortunately the first unit is at our summer house/vacation - I will be back there only in 7 weeks. If it is not fixed by then (which I don’t think :smiley: ) - let me know. I’ll be able to tinker and test then.

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Sounds good.

Hello Sam,

I have been following this thread because I have also some random jerky playback on HEVC encodes. Since a few months I would say. I have the impression it was more frequent with 25fps encodes though. It is still possible to watch these, more dropped frames, but rather annoying.
I am on a Vero4K+, and in my case it is HD only, as I don’t have 4K.
What I can add is that if I simply reencode with AVC then the same file is playing 100% smooth.

Anyway I would be glad to be included in the testing if it can help.


I know the question is a bit old, but in mycase of HEVC-HD
yes I have seen and used stop-restart-resume or FastForward and Rewind during playback.
It would often suppress the choppy playback symptoms; but I never was able to reproduce the cure 100%, still random results.

Dropping the link to my issue here as likely to be linked (at least one of them) though don’t see reports of completely black screens for some HEVC playback in the thread:

Cold/warm reboots make no difference to my playback

Any update on this one? What’s the timescale for a permanent fix?

In the meantime, is there an interim fix?

Users have tested and reported good results with our new build.
When we’re happy with the new video stack, we will make it part of the stable release.


Many thanks, Sam.

Another month on. Still can’t play UHD files. Since November.

When will this be fixed?

It will be fixed with the next video stack. You are welcome to try this in advance.

However the number of users reporting issues is very low (just a handful on the forum) with the current update.

You can of course use an older version of OSMC as well