HifiBerry Amp2 AirPlay audio only, other Audio through HDMI

Hi, I’ve very happily been using OSMC for quite some time now in my TV room and yesterday I found a few small 40W 6ohm speakers that I would like to put in my TV room to be able to stream AirPlay music to from my iPad or iPhone. So I was thinking about getting a HifiBerry AMP2 (already using a HifiBerry DIgi+ in another room with great satisfaction) to add to my OSMC Rpi2.
That should be easy enough to install but what I want is only to have AirPlay play through the HifiBerry AMP2 and leave all the other audio flowing through HDMI. Anybody know if this would be possible? And if so, how to do it, set-up wise?

thanks in advance!

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