RPI3, hifiberry and some noob questions

Hi readers,

As many I’ve currently a RPI3 connected to TV (HDMI) and all is fine in a perfect world with OSMC. Having in mind to add floor standing speakers with the limitation of a max 3.0 (or 3.1) system, I guess simply connected the hdmi to the AV amplifier will do the trick (video+audio).
But…Regarding the set of features of an AV I’ll not use in a 3.0 setup, I’m tempted by a hi-fi (stereo) system. So far in my reflection this setup ends with a better music sound quality but makes the things harder if I want at some moment output the TV sound to the receiver or if I don’t want to power on the TV to listen music.

Following my reads a dual connection may be possible with:
1/ RPI>hifiberry>amp : The connection through the DAC enable the possibility to listen music without TV. I guess I can start music with the Kodi remote app or Chorus2

2/ RPI>HDMI>TV>TOSLINK>amp : watch movies on TV and depending the TV sound output selection I can listen trough the amp or TV speaker

a) Do I make any mistake with the previous assumptions? (all connected at the same time so)
b) I read a dual output setting is possible: movies through HDMI and music through the hifiberry “by default”, so without selecting the output each time. (Is this by default or I simply not check the right menu?)
c) With the 2/ may I reasonably hope all TV sounds can output to amp? (youtube and app from TV too)
d) Is such a setup hard to maintain? I mean if working it makes OSMC a central point to all media including music. Is the hifiberry in consideration for OSMC release, compatibility in mind?

Of course do not hesitate to mention anything I miss whatever the subject.

Thank you!

I am lost here! What is the logic difference between outputing to the AV AMP versus a “Stereo” AMP?

Where did you read that?

Hi fzinken,

An AV receiver has HDMI in, an Hifi receiver not (spdif, toslink, etc. )

Yes, but as you wrote “simply connected the hdmi to the AV amplifier” I assume you already own a AV amplifier and wonder why you don’t want to use it?

In regards to the thread you linked I read it till the end and my understanding that dual audio only possible between analog (on-board) and HDMI but not between Hifiberry and HDMI.
But maybe @popcornmix or @sam_nazarko can confirm or deny my view

Unfortunately not, nothing at all at this moment :). I’m looking for the best setup with in minf the fact I’ll never user more than a 3.0 setup and 2.0 is fine for my need (music oriented)

I agree, I read here and there sometimes something different mostly about Kodi and not OSMC. With all the theory without practical info I’m a bot lost between what a want vs what is possible. The AV receiver may seems the obvious choice even in 2.0 but that’s a waste of money comparing ot a good hifi receiver…that may not be connected as I exposed (I blew my mind lol)
Thank already for your answer!

Not sure how much more the AV Receiver would be, but it clearly would be the future proofed solution.
Alternatively you could use HDMI and hifiberry and use the audio autoswitch addon to switch between both.

Searching for theaddon I found http://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Audio_Profiles (maybe the successor, no in deep reading made) but it may match my need. Thx for your suggestion!!!

Well that seems to be a “manual” one, the one I had in mind was doing it automatically based on the content but I can not find the thread anymore

I think it somehow merged with the automatic switch addon

I will dig it but the last page mention the external dev enabling the automatic switch (and/or manual)

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Yeah, just checked the forum and that is the addon that I had used. Worked quite well only issue was it didn’t recognised Music Addon’s as music and kept that playing to HDMI

lol, maybe corrected now but as for all my other research it seems nothing is obvious for what I want. Except the AV receiver of course (so far I know)

Well that Addon plus the hifiberry should do what you want. Depending on how audiophile you are the alternatives are:

  1. Using a bluetooth speaker
  2. Instead of stereo amp use the https://www.hifiberry.com/products/ampplus/

Another option is a USB soundcard->analogue amplifier, which is what I use when I want to listen to just music, or get some more atmosphere out of a movie. As @fzinken says, it depends how golden your ears are.

Hifiberry and Pi will show as two different ALSA sinks (snd-bcm2835 and hifiberry).

So if you use a player that supports ALSA (MMAL); then you should be able to get dual audio output in theory. I believe there is a Kodi patch which can do this; but I am not sure how much flexibility it brings.

The setup will have floor standing speakers, (big one) so I need a real amp but thx for the suggestion :wink:

I don’t see how this setup is different than the hifiberry, can you please highlight me?

I think I saw the article on the Kodi forum. If it’s the same the output can be configured directly in Kodi indeed, I need to read more about it, thx :wink:

It’s not, really, but if you are the sort of person who reckons they can hear a difference between a £50 USB DAC and £200+ one, it would give you more options. I didn’t buy mine specifically for the Pi, so had it ‘in stock’ anyway. You know Hifiberry is supported, so it’s a safer choice.

I would still need an add-on or something if I ever wanted to use hdmi and USB in parallel (I think).

Well I think I am but cannot tell you the part of autosuggestion ;). And your point is meaningful because…I just remember I use already a FiiO usb DAC on another device @ home! Damn how had I skipped the fact I can test with a device I already have…

The add-on is maybe found (see above) and seems promising. I’m still digging the AV receiver on the other side…I’ll really not use all the channel but built in it has all the “outside” connections (Airplay, DLNA, vtuner, etc) with a simple RPI>HDMI connection. Movies are easy, music too, and without the TV powered ON. The amazing price for a good 2016 Denon unit (50%) I just saw is certainly the culprit ;).

It ends with…the AV receiver and the incredible offer. I want to thanks all participants helping me with the brainstorming ;): thanks all!

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