Hifiberry digi+ not sound

After June update the hifiberry seems doesn’t work. After play video the audio is not heard.

here is the total debugging


Thanks a Lot.
raspberry Pi2 with Hify berry digit+ card

Does it work without passthrough?

Yes without passthrough it works but the sound is not Dolby Digital 5.1…

OK. I don’t really know what happened in the June update to Pi but I’ll have a look at it.

Unless @sam_nazarko has the answer.

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Thanks @grahamh I’ll wait then

It’s not necessarily something specific to the June update. The device had previously been updated back in January, so anything in between might be the cause:

End-Date: 2018-01-13  22:25:25

Start-Date: 2018-06-09  15:22:01

So the 4.14 update?

Excuse me but I don’t understand the question…

The question was directed at @dillthedog. I think the RPi kernel was updated earlier this year to version 4.14. That may have caused the change in behaviour. There’s a thread on that update. [TESTING] Linux 4.14 kernel for Raspberry Pi

Anything news?
Someone have a possible soluzione?

This is almost certainly an issue specific to your hardware or software configuration. If this was due to the June update then there would be dozens of reports.

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Its going to be hard to pin point the issue, being as the last time you updated prior to June; was January.

All I can suggest is to try a fresh a install with the June image and see if the hifiberry is now working correctly. If not I advise doing a fresh install of all images Feb through till May, till you find the point of failure and report back.

Please make a backup of your setup, before proceeding with these suggestions.

Thanks Tom.

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Ok thanks @ActionA and @Tom_Doyle
Could YouTube Remember me how can i make a backup of my setup?


You can make backups via MyOsmc. for your kodi config.

Thanks Tom.

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But does It backup also the library?

The library database, yes.