High Bitrate file buffering

Hi, Im having some issues with a video i am trying to watch. Here is the Mediainfo: http://paste.osmc.io/avijadokek.vhdl

Is there any optimisations i could try and make to stop it buffering?
My file is mounted on a drive via NFS.

Is there anything else you need to try and diagnose the issue?



Logs would help:

Wired or wifi connection?


THanks Tom.

Logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/olihodiquy

Wired connection and FSTAB.




Not sure if it will make any difference but kodi is unable to read this due to a typo </memorisize>.

I also see the video had an Overall bit rate of 98.3 Mbps, which is a bit tight for fastEthernet, although the cache settings should help. I would check with iperf what your network throughput is or if possible try with the AC wifi.

Thanks Tom.

What cache settings do you recommend using?


I meant more correct the typo in the current cache settings.

Dilthedog has just advised that due to the bitrate of this file you will either need to use AC wifi or gigabit ethernet usb adapter to play this video. Quite a few adapters have been reported as working on the forums, one example is here:

Thanks Tom.