High CPU Usage on KODI 18


someone else can confirm high CPU usage of the new Kodi ?

11782 osmc 20 0 537904 117216 50568 R 77,9 15,3 17:08.39 kodi.bin
goes from from 44% up to 77%
that’s when im in Main menu oder a Season Folder

In Main Series Folder it goes down to 15%
11782 osmc 20 0 538328 117940 50580 S 18,9 15,4 18:26.32 kodi.bin

restarting mediacenter didnt fix it.
didn’t had that on old Kodi 17.X


Kodi may be performing some migrations in the background

Leave it 25-30 mins to settle.

that would have been to easy :wink:
it stays at this levels depending on the menu im idling.
50% right know idling in a Season folder for 8 hours.

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I suspect some addons having issues with Kodi Leia. My Pi3b+ idles at 19% CPU.
Propose that you review your current addons and either disable them or do a quick test by moving your running config into a backup folder and restart the mediacenter.

Hi can u tell me what i need to move for testing this out ?

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv .kodi .kodi_backup
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

And to reverse back

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv .kodi_backup .kodi
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

thank you and is there some config file where i can see all the addons i have activated ?

It’s in the database so you would need to have a sqlite editor to check.
Alternative a rough picture would be
grep installed .kodi/temp/kodi.log

Well fresh kodi config doesnt help…
as soon as is have scraped something and go into a Season Folder CPU load jumps up.

What skin are you using? Does the issue also occur with other skins?

im using the standard skin … didnt tryd others yet

Well than maybe the problem is outside of the Kodi config. For that case only a clean reinstall could solve it.
But before going that step would suggest to upload some debug logs for review and maybe install htop to check if Kodi is the CPU hook and also can see if all 4 cores are high

htop shows 1 core @ 46% in Season folder menu

as soon as i start a movie load drops to 15-19%.
back in Season menu jumps up to 46% again.

That’s totally normal, nothing strange there

Well the old 17 Version was only consuming like 10% idling in the Menu.

Well only can say that CPU usage on both my Pi3 and Vero4K dropped with v18

can i revert back to Kodi 17 somehow ?

You can reinstall using December image, if this is a must.

i thought more like in place … deinstall current kodi version and reinstall 17.

Not trivially.