High load low CPU usage and kernel errors


Last week I reinstalled Kodi on my Pi2 after two years or so. Also installed services I usually manually did like vsftp (found it in de services, yay). However I get a huge load when using the vsftp, or at least I think that’s the culprit.
My load goes to 12.11 whileand hangs about there. The CPU usage is about 13-18% temperature 45 degrees Celsius.

I can still use the Pi but it is laggy. The logs shows some kernel oops.
It looks like this: Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 0000005c

System running on OSMC March 2018.03-2

My logs are here: https://paste.osmc.tv/axevakakaw

Thanks for looking at it!

It looks like vsftp is causing the kernel oops.

I suggest you first remove/purge vsftp and see if the system is stable.

Then install the package ftp-app-osmc. This will cause vstfp to be reinstalled. (You might need to wait a while since the OSMC repository seems to be offline, right now.)

Thanks. Will do that. Vsftp is indeed the culprit. The moment I connect via FTP thema my pi goes haywire.
How do I purge? Using apt-get?

Assuming you installed using sudo apt-get install vsftp, you should run sudo apt-get purge vsftp

I installed vsftpd via osmc service in Kodi so I disabled it there first. My load exceeded 16 in top so when I did that everything hanged. Rebooted and purged vsftpd. After that tried to reinstall it through apt-get (first an apt-get updatebbut there were some configuration weirdness (no config files).

Purged again and reinstalled it via Kodi/OSMC service. First impression when connected via ftp and transferring files is that everything is okay now. Thanks!