How do I scrape this DVD formatted TV series?

I mean, what’s the easiest way? I could change the directory and filenames, but that seems a bit tedious.

If you don’t want to change the directory/filename (actually their a media managers like tinymediamanger to do that). You could create a nfo with just the exact TMDB URL.

While if your folder scraper info set correctly your show should be already be picked up

I rip my DVDs to individual episodes with MakeMKV
Then I convert the resulting MPEG2 videos to MPEG4 with Handbrake to reduce the file size and also to get rid of any audio and subtitle tracks I don’t want.
Another handy tool for working with mkv files is mkvtoolnix

On another note: store your movies and TV shows in separate directories.

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This is quite possibly why op isn’t scraping correctly. Good eye.

I could be wrong here, but wouldn’t I have to add something to the “advancedsettings.xml” to get the scraper to pick up “myTvShow_S1D1”, “myTvShow_S2D1”, etc. ? I’m looking at

I’ve tried these in TV Shows and Movies, but so far I haven’t gotten anything to show up.

There is no “D1” as an episode identifier. You have to tag TV episodes as seasons and episodes to allow them to be scraped.

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Thanks. It is working now after changing the name of the directories as suggested.

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OK just one last thing. I mean this is working, but it would be nice if Vero could group the TV episodes by the episodes which are contained on VIDEO_TS file. for example…

In my Vero -> TV Shows, I click on my collection, and it shows the listing of the individual episodes. Then when I click on an episode, it brings up the DVD menu that contains the group of 3 or 4 episodes. Then I click on an episode from the DVD menu and it plays…

I’d like to simplify this by just clicking on the DVD group (i.e., the VIDEO_TS file). i.e.:

  • Click on TV Shows -> click on MyCollection1
  • Ideally, Vero would show the list of the DVD groups (based on VIDEO_TS files), and maybe show the contents of the VIDEO_TS files (e.g, Season1 - episodes a,b,c, Season1 - episodes d,e,f, etc)
  • Click on one of the selections to bring up the dvd menu for that VIDEO_TS file.

I’m really happy to have gotten this far, so now I think I’m being picky, but if you understand what I’m saying and have a solution, I’d love to hear it.

Such a request would have to be made with Kodi, as that is beyond the kind of changes we make on our side. To be honest though, I think if you want it to work in a seamless manner your best bet may be to dump the DVD menu and just rip the episodes as @BanditRider explained obove.