How to add a virtual keyboard-layout?

Hi, I installed OSMC 2015.11-1 on Pi2.

I changed my language & font to Korean and it works well. I can read and see Korean characters on OSMC, but i cannot type Koreans.

I installed keyboard-configuration (apt-get install dpkg-keyboard-configuration) and changed my keyboard layout and also installed ibus-hangul (Korean Typewritter).

There’s no Korean Keyboard layout on OSMC virtual keyboard-layout select menu.

How can I add virtual keyboard-layout? Korean Qwerty or something like that?

Pay attention… via dpkg you can change layout for SSH terminal session and not inside KODI.

You can create you custom .xml file only for virtual keyboard and after that you can chose from setting:
The stock xml it’s in /usr/share/kodi/system/keyboardlayouts… you can create a .xml put inside… restart kodi and using only whit virtual keyboard.

If you have a hardware USB keyboard whit korean layout actually apparently it’s not possibly to change inside OSMC…

Other info can be found here:

or here: