Stupid question - Italian QWERTY layout

I have tryed to found help by google here:

I have also try to found on kodi official forum whitout success… at this point… from osmc panel the italian layout it’s not present… how i can add and/or install it ?

For Virtual Keyboard… i have created this started from main english.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
Please use English language names instead.
Default font lacks support for all characters
  <layout language="Italian" layout="QWERTY">
    <keyboard modifiers="shift">
    <keyboard modifiers="symbol,shift+symbol">

Need only to copy on “/usr/share/kodi/system/keyboardlayouts” and restart OSMC and now this news layout can be selected from preferences!!

But wait… i don’t need to import this on virtual keyboard… but i have the problems whit the psichical keyboard attached to a usb port. Whit this only the english layout it’s been used and i have a english keyboard:
For example on italian keyboard SHIFT + 2 for obtain -> "
On English Keyboard same combination -> @