How to control multiple vero 4k+ boxes?


How do I control multiple boxes, I have ten I want to control by playing content and adding content to every box by the internet.

Is there a way of doing this?


Have a read through this Remote Control by json etc

Having read the question I get a few thoughts to present in order to answer to the best of my ability’s:

  1. Control multiple boxes:

    • like with one single remote for all boxes, just not simultaneously (Kodi Remote phone app, with multiple hw profiles)
    • one remote, controlling all 10 at the same time. I guess json commands “semi simultaneous” to all boxes should work.
    • Some autoexec script that controls a certain network folder for a playlist or something like that
  2. Adding stuff to playback for all boxes:

    • sounds like a central library (mysql/mariadb), needs one master for updating library
    • Network-storage, identical mount points on all Vero boxes
    • Some “autoexec playlist thingie”
  3. Content:

    • Locally stored, downloaded from Internet?
    • Addon for some video/music/?image? source on the internet (A LOT harder to “sync”)
    • Major streaming services frown upon using multiple simultaneous connection from one account, so I guess using 10 account = 10 subscriptions, is that fee sable?

I mean there are more then one way to kill a cat =)

Are we talking ten boxes at one location that is being controlled by someone over the internet? In this case you could just do a standard Kodi setup and the control part comes via a phone app on a phone/tablet that is VPN’d into that locations network.

Or are we talking you have content at one location that you want to stream to ten other individual locations and control them remotely. If this is the situation then IMO Kodi is the wrong tool for the job for multiple reasons. I know you can pull this type of thing off with Plex using players on iOS and Android/Android derivatives (WebOS, FireOS, etc.). This type of setup does transcoding when needed for bandwidth limitation reasons. You can run a few different Plex add-ons to get Plex into Kodi but to control it remotely I think you would have to do a PKC setup where you pulled the Plex library into Kodi’s library and then VPN into the network of each machine to control it via a phone app (yuck). The Plex app for iOS and Android has the ability to remote control BUT only clients on the aforementioned platforms and only when those apps are already open. Plex will not do the remote control thing anywhere else so Kodi add-ons and the web players on Desktop systems are unavailable for this type of control.

I will give it a read, thank you

I would like to have a visualisation of all the boxes playing the content on my laptop on a software or internet browser so I can see them all playing but don’t have to go see the actual screen itself e.g. use the remote.

I realise that isn’t possible, so what is the best way of sending videos to the boxes and having the videos play in a playlist that is already playing. So just being added to the playlist?

Also is there a way of playing all the videos in a loop with command over the internet? So remotely without using the remote control?

Thanks for all your help guys, really appreciate it!

The web interface will show you what they play (by title not the actual content).
So you could do that by having 10 browser windows open. Or by putting a python/php json script together that query all 10 boxes and shows you the result on a webpage

How do I do this? Just want to know it’s playing all the videos in loop/playlist.

I just want the same content on all boxes with some having maybe different videos playing.

What’s the iPhone app called to do this? Is there a program to do this with in windows 11?


Don’t expect to find a “ready in a box” solution for your situation (window 11 app or “iphone remote app for 10 kodi boxes around the workd at the same time”. =)

What is going to have to happen, in my mind, is that you as a system developer have to do some research:
* Centralized storage, proper transfer protocols
* Centralized library (database)
* Programming language of your choice
* Kodi json-commands
* VPS (to host db, storage, playlist and what not)

It’s not something you do in 2 days, when you start gettinga idea how to solve it you are gonna realize that you are dependent on I-net connection, what happens when 2 of 10 is in a black out…

It sounds like a cool, even might be profitable project, but very time consuming using free tools based on OS and not pursposed-made tools that cost. (guess what you are paying for, that’s right all the work I just mentioned)

Good luck.


You didn’t answer my question. Your being vague to the point that people attempting to lead you in the right direction are having to speculate way too much. There is a big difference between someone playing a set of videos as digital signage and someone wanting to control Grandma’s Kodi box remotely because she finds it too difficult.

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I Will agree this is Vague but I’m betting he’s looking for an interface like they use in major sports bars and concerts to control and distribute content to multicable monitors which is usually custom software. If that where my need I would simply switch to streaming the video signal via IP and have some pretty solid repeaters kind of like the cheaper bars do with Dish and DirectTV till they get popped for content distribution fines… IE too many feeds from one TV box

I’m sure once the user clarifies their requirements we can assist better. But for now we are making a lot of guesses, yourself included.

Using the web server and it works fine but having an issue connecting to the box with filezilla.

sftp://ip address with correct username and password but keeps coming up with ‘Authentication failed.
Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server’.

Any ideas why this is happening?


Username and password could be different from those for ssh I believe. Double check you have the right ones for sftp.


SFTP uses ssh, so the username and password will be the same.

@tedbaker are you able to connect via ssh?

Regards Tom.

I changed the username and password, the password being different to the username.

Do these both need to be the same?

Username and password have been changed, do they both need to be the same?


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